profiteering in English

make or seek to make an excessive or unfair profit, especially illegally or in a black market.
the profiteering of tabloid journalists
synonyms: overcharge racketeer cheat someonefleece someonerip someone offrob someone

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1. Indignation at its profiteering is understandable.

2. Invidious profiteering of people reflects invidious profiteering of South Korea is a country!

3. Rent controls were introduced to prevent profiteering.

4. Rules prevent charity members from profiteering unreasonably.

5. He denies there is any profiteering.

6. Profiteering in a time of shortage is wrong.

7. Profiteering in exploration right or mining right shall be prohibited.

8. The army itself has been accused of human rights abuses and profiteering.

9. The price hike in garlic was mainly caused by hoarding and profiteering.

10. Real fans, they say, need protecting; profiteering must be stopped.

11. As food supplies dwindled, complaints against profiteering became more vociferous.

12. So, let's stop harming ourselves in the name of profiteering.

13. 3 The pharmaceutical company has been charged with profiteering from the AIDS crisis.

14. I'm a Johnny-come-lately as far as war profiteering is concerned.

15. Volker Beckers, RWE npower's chief executive, denied that it was profiteering.

16. Profiteering , say some. However, that accusation up to much scrutiny either.

17. 24 A rational society should draw a line Between legitimate profit - making and exploitative profiteering.

18. Wakefield was not 'using his noggin' for anything other than unscrupulous profiteering.

19. The pharmaceutical company has been charged with profiteering from the AIDS crisis.

20. It's time to end the quackery of modern medicine and the profiteering from human suffering.

21. A rational society should draw a line Between legitimate profit - making and exploitative profiteering.

22. The emergency government brought in a special law to prevent hoarding and profiteering.

23. I' m a Johnny- come- lately as far as war profiteering is concerned

24. In the months and years to come we might well read about profiteering.

25. They can impose stock limits/licensing requirements etc. to curb unscrupulous trading, hoarding and profiteering.

26. Merchants who bought food in surplus areas for sale in drought districts were shot for profiteering.

27. Profiteering price-hikes, and worsening inequalities between different social groups were the problems which beset Deng's reform programme.

28. At the heart of the battle is a culture clash over the proper role of shameless profiteering.

29. The aim of the measure was to stem the outflow of foreign currency and to stop profiteering.

30. The army, where profiteering and corruption was endemic, had profitable interests to protect, especially its involvement in drug trafficking.

31. Vickers was, in fact, threatened with prosecution for war profiteering, due to the exorbitant price it was demanding for each gun.

32. It dramatized the challenge of trying to pose as a progressive leader while maintaining a profiteering, corrupt political organization.

33. We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace -? business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

34. Then too, the values implicit in motherhood were bound to clash with the "male values" of competitiveness and devil-may-care profiteering.

35. Whether real estate is a big industry needs price flexibility, why real estate industry, known as profiteering industry, and many local real high?

36. In Peace, written in 421 BC, a middle-aged Athenian frees the embodiment of peace from a cave, where she’d been exiled by profiteering politicians.

37. "The media profile can become toxic if they are seen to be overly profiteering or mercenary, " Macleod said. "They just need to be careful that they don't step on the wrong side of tastefulness."

38. The “anti-profiteering” measures enshrined in the GST law provide an institutional mechanism to ensure that the full benefits of input tax credits and reduced GST rates on supply of goods or services flow to the consumers.

39. In addition, despite adequate availability of stocks for consumption in the current season, hoarding and consequent profiteering is anticipated due to drop in production over previous year and hence further extension of stock limit would be needed.

40. As Mrs Theorin undoubtedly is aware, the European Council in Santa Maria da Feira expressed its concern regarding the tragic events in Dover last year and condemned the criminal acts committed by persons profiteering by such smuggling of human beings.

41. After forming a prima facie view that there is an element of profiteering, the Standing Committee shall refer the matter for detailed investigation to the Director General of Safeguards, CBEC, which shall report its findings to the NAA.