profligate in English

recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources.
profligate consumers of energy
a licentious, dissolute person.
It was believed Germans were afraid of pooling their successful monetary sovereignty with putative profligates such as, perhaps, Italy.

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1. He is wicked and profligate.

2. He is a careless profligate.

3. Why do you bring your profligate companions here?

4. Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.

5. The young profligate needs to be controlled.

6. Certainly not enough to change an energy-profligate lifestyle.

7. She is well-known for her profligate spending habits.

8. It is not: the frugal depend on the profligate.

9. A man gets tired of living a profligate life.

10. Thus the crisis punishes the frugal more than the profligate.

11. In her profligate life, she lost all sense of decency.

12. Similarly Americans have been profligate in the handling of mineral resources.

13. This profligate recipe for survival is used by many animals of many kinds.

14. The region's profligate economies will struggle for longer as austerity kicks in.

15. Yet they have something in common: both involve the profligate deployment of resources.

16. This young man had all the inclination to be a profligate of the first water.

17. German public opinion is firmly set against the public purse to help the profligate Greeks.

18. He was an out-and-out profligate, darting from one partner to the next.

19. Would not that be threatened only by the advent of a Labour Government, with their profligate spending plans?

20. As investors focus on that gap, the most profligate rich countries, such as Britain, will suffer.

21. A persistent critic of profligate government, he now has his chance to trim the deficit.

22. The implication of this is that the more profligate councils will not be re-elected.

23. But like all the most successful illicit traders, China is ideologically profligate in its relations.

24. The Germans want a different sort of centralisation, built on rules to punish the profligate.

25. Although the sources are not profligate with information, it is possible to reach a more differentiated picture.

26. At a stroke, we would know who was profligate with company money and who was parsimonious.

27. Lydia is a girl who follows exotic things, handsome man and is somehow a little profligate.

28. In her day at the parsonage the consumption of butter and eggs was not so profligate.

29. How can we make our use of praise discriminating and therefore meaningful, rather than profligate or ritualized?

30. At a time when vast tracts were unsettled, it was all too easy for governments to be profligate.

31. Mead also called on agencies to combat the myth that agencies are over-profitable and profligate in paying employees.

32. (2 Corinthians 5:14, 15) In the past, we may have lived a very immoderate, profligate life, squandering precious time.

33. 12 Mead also called on agencies to combat the myth that agencies are over-profitable and profligate in paying employees.

34. Once again, the immediate issues were the royal prerogative and the high tax burdens entailed by the monarch's profligate spending.

35. America can ill-afford another profligate Republican; and once again directing most of the benefits to the well-off is tone-deaf politics.

36. Rather than exerting discipline, global financial markets have increased the availability of debt, thereby weakening profligate governments' budget constraints and over-extended banks' balance sheets.

37. Russia (-11%) and Japan (-9%) have contracted their energy use the most, but the US – which is by far the most profligate power user in the world – reduced its emissions by nearly 500m tonnes in 200

38. Raised to be a selfish, vain, profligate spender, handsome and self-obsessed, George squanders the last of the money he receives from his father and sets nothing aside to help support Amelia.