Use "profound" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "profound" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "profound", or refer to the context using the word "profound" in the English Dictionary.

1. Anna's patriotism was profound.

2. These are profound words.

3. A negation is profound talking.

4. Jenner is a profound thinker.

5. Life is a profound book.

6. I was caught off guard when Stephen Colbert asked me a profound question, a profound question.

7. He mentioned something very very profound.

8. Her sense of disappointment was profound.

9. Concluding finally in a profound contracture.

10. Medical phylogeny contains profound philosophic thinking.

11. A profound silence prevailed over all.

12. Though profound, it is not complicated.

13. Death is like a profound sleep.

14. Deep, profound, moving, unshakeable, upending ... but simple.

15. Vengeance must always be profound and absolute.

16. A profound cynicism lies behind the work.

17. She has a profound hatred of fascism.

18. The anxiety in the redoubt was profound.

19. Ask:Is "the arethusa profound mystery" what mean?

20. Reform has stalled amid profound political paralysis.

21. The news came as a profound shock.

22. Joe had a profound distaste for violence.

23. This striking conversion made a profound impression.

24. They always make profound observations they've overheard.

25. The report has profound implications for schools.

26. She spoke of them with profound reverence.

27. I find it such a profound one.

28. Aviation has also generated profound social changes.

29. He has a profound knowledge of mathematics.

30. The annulment caused a profound impression in Japan.

31. Deep, profound, moving, unshakeable, upending ... but simple.

32. Many people express profound gratitude for this knowledge.”

33. I felt a profound sense of a shame.

34. Verbal expression is an art with profound skills.

35. With profound esteem for dairy and dairy products...

36. He had a profound influence on modern poets.

37. Rather, it is a profound reverence and awe.

38. Her speech made a profound impact on everyone.

39. But the indirect effects may be more profound.

40. Childbearing rouses profound feelings of joy and hope.

41. Profound (?) is a common complication of kwashiorkor. B.

42. Their proponents were (and are) profound and able students.”

43. The indirect effects of climate change may be profound.

44. The most superficial phenomena are sometimes the most profound.

45. India is undergoing a profound social and economic change.

46. It's a quite profound story, with powerful religious overtones.

47. Discoveries in neuroscience may also have profound legal implications.

48. In Sweden the development of regionalism has profound tradition.

49. There's a basic, profound acceleration of this evolutionary process.

50. Discovering just one extraterrestrial civilization would have profound significance.