profundity in English

deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.
the simplicity and profundity of the message

Use "profundity" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "profundity" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "profundity", or refer to the context using the word "profundity" in the English Dictionary.

1. He lacked profundity and analytical precision.

2. Fairy tales have a surprising profundity.

3. Marxist economic cycle theory has more profundity meanings.

4. This is an error of great profundity.

5. Alice Walker's writing abounds with originality and profundity.

6. He pretended profundity by eye - beamings at people.

7. He impressed his audience by the profundity of his knowledge.

8. The cartoon version lacks the profundity of the original text.

9. Here, you can subtly savor the profundity of its unique history.

10. The profundity of this book is achieved with breathtaking lightness.

11. They exemplify the profundity and otherworldliness of many of his final works.

12. He didn't understand the profundity of Estabrook's pain; he was too chilly, too remote.

13. 21 Here, you can subtly savor the profundity of its unique history.

14. This response of the school - boy lies at the bottom of all spurious profundity.

15. He builds an Afrikaner mythology of mundanity that echoes a realism of social profundity.

16. It is true that among her contemporaries she passed for a young woman of profundity.

17. Readers of this book will recognize that this attitude is an error of great profundity.

18. But she is the beneficiary of the widespread belief that philosophical murkiness signals philosophical profundity.

19. The contrariety and profundity in the narration of "the sick child" are worth paying close attention to.

20. The letters between authors are written in a unique style of satire, pungency, profundity and steadiness.

21. There were those at that time who cultivated melancholy to give themselves the appearance of profundity.

22. That is both traditional and advances with the times; penetrability and non-mandatory; intangibility and profundity.

23. That is to say that conceptual profundity must be balanced by clarity of content and simplicity of form.

24. "Constant Tao" suggests such features of the Tao as eternity , indescribability , profundity , subtlety , irreplaceability and imperishability , etc.

25. This times is peripheral, you can choose only with peripheral right peripheral, be opposite with profundity peripheral it is otiose.

26. At least I got to know some of the background to the paintings; the symbolism and the profundity of meaning.

27. As the main current cultural paradigm, these logic characteristics made some of the narrative novels tend towards extensity, profundity and virtualization too.

28. A diffident, shuffling stick figure on stage, at the keyboard he had a penchant for lugubrious tempos, affecting profundity and a crashing, bombastic virtuosity.

29. Slogans, including political slogans is in favor with the public, that's because it is decided by its such characteristics as artistry, popularity, profundity and interestedness.

30. This is also a reason we regret the lack of profundity and incisiveness in Hu Shi's articles while appreciating his crystal clarity and eloquence.

31. With an integration of current events with historical profundity, of the courage for exposure and criticism with narrative exquisiteness, and of the incisiveness of relevant issues wit.

32. The Chinese's sex is aesthetic apt reservation and profundity, avoid coltish with superficial, it emphasizes self-respect, self-love, it makes the nature of people more good.