prog in English

(of rock music) progressive.
prog rock bands

Use "prog" in a sentence

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1. Press PROG button to set the program mode.

2. Scherzo from the language, We can learn more about the principles of prog...

3. TCTC seem caught between electro-infused prog rock indulgence and thumping guitar rock.

4. Who knew that the BBC Newsnight anchorman is an avid fan of prog-rock?

5. These slices of prog electronica created dismay amongst the critics at the time.

6. Closer The Heart Grows Fonder manages to mix a mariachi mood with enveloping prog atmospherics.

7. We were watching some prog on the telly about the Evils of Drink.

8. This might even be the thin edge of the wedge that heralds the return of prog rock.

9. Their twisted prog suggests an unholy alliance between the Magic Band and King Crimson.

10. As a management tool,( it can list goals and ways to measure prog . progress.

11. Press PROG button, The JAX-9A stores all the entered programs and returns to the normal reception status.

12. Too Late to Talk begins with serious prog silliness, the kind most commonly associated with strange men sporting stranger beards.

13. The band's sound emerged as a mixture of glam rock, prog rock and straightforward rock and roll.

14. It isn't a crime to let those inner prog leanings out for an airing once in a while.

15. Prog fans will enjoy the end of "Now I'm Everyone" where the tricky time signature and lush harmonies end up sounding like Yes.

16. But without a doubt, the most interesting guest member on this project is David Gilmour of stadium prog titans Pink Floyd.

17. Time then, for a difficult third album featuring reggae, prog, rock and funk, and somewhere in the middle, a giddy SOS.

18. The prog-rock dirge of "I Remember California" bears gloomy witness to a world losing itself in a blur of accelerating change.

19. Stewart-Panko described the sound of these bands as a "dynamic, violent, discordant, technical, brutal, off-kilter, no rules mixture of hardcore, metal, prog, math rock, grind and jazz."

20. As you will a slice of Prog Metal technicality and hefty helping of intrinsically British NWOBHM fret fury – and obviously the storytelling of War Of The Worlds. an album that genuinely deserves to be given the accolade of current and future classic.

21. promote economic and social prog ss which is balanced and sustainable, in pmicul through the creation of an area without inte a1 frontiers, through the strengthening of economic and social cohesion and through the establishment of economic and monetary union, ultimately including a single currency in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty;