propose in English

put forward (an idea or plan) for consideration or discussion by others.
he proposed a new nine-point peace plan
make an offer of marriage to someone.
I have already proposed to Sarah
synonyms: ask someone to marry youmake an offer of marriageoffer marriagepop the questionask for someone's hand in marriage

Use "propose" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "propose" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "propose", or refer to the context using the word "propose" in the English Dictionary.

1. I propose an exchange.

2. What would you propose?

3. How did you propose?

4. She wants to propose someone.

5. I propose we fix that.

6. So I propose this campaign.

7. I propose aten - minute break.

8. Dick planned to propose to Barbara.

9. We propose an early start tomorrow.

10. Did you just propose to me?

11. I propose to go on Tuesday.

12. How do you propose getting home?

13. We could propose a simpler system.

14. I propose resting for an hour.

15. What do you propose we do?

16. Did he propose marriage to you?

17. I propose Tom Ellis for chairman.

18. Aren't you here today to propose?

19. I propose to set off immediately.

20. Propose careful ichnography and floor plan.

21. What do you propose to do now?

22. I propose that he should leave now.

23. 10 I propose resting for an hour.

24. Propose a synthetical method of data encryption.

25. Harrison had come back to propose marriage.

26. We propose a bi - directional similarity measure.

27. We propose a bi-directional similarity measure.

28. Allen and Burton propose the following model.

29. From which port do they propose to embark?

30. I'd like to propose a motion, Mr. Speaker.

31. Exactly how do you propose to achieve this?

32. I'm on my way to propose to someone.

33. I propose to belabour this point of view.

34. Let me propose a toast to Mr. Smith.

35. We propose hamburg as the port of destination.

36. We propose that somebody neutral take the chair.

37. Propose the cerebration of legislation about human capital.

38. 7 Or the landowner could propose some mitigation.

39. How wonderful that you are here to propose!

40. It's usual for the man to propose marriage.

41. 6 Or the landowner could propose some mitigation.

42. They propose to abolish the House of Lords.

43. I wish to propose a toast to our friendship.

44. 1 We propose a temporal database model named GT.

45. 3 I propose to belabour this point of view.

46. I propose Mary Cavy a candidate for the presidency.

47. He was trying to decide whether he should propose .

48. How does he propose to deal with the situation?

49. Part three propose some tactics on revitalizing Liaoning's talents. "

50. I don't propose this turn to policy hardball lightly.