protest in English

a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.
the Hungarian team lodged an official protest
a written declaration, typically by a notary public, that a bill has been presented and payment or acceptance refused.
express an objection to what someone has said or done.
she wouldn't let him pay, and he didn't protest
synonyms: express opposition object dissent take issuemake/take a standput up a fight kick take exception complain express disapproval disagree demur remonstrate make a fuss cry out speak out rail inveigh fulminate kick up a fuss/stink

Use "protest" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "protest" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "protest", or refer to the context using the word "protest" in the English Dictionary.

1. Under protest.

2. Is this a protest?

3. There was massive protest.

4. Peaceful protest is acceptable.

5. • Bid protest adjudications, and

6. He gave way without protest.

7. I curtly dismissed this protest.

8. They staged a protest march.

9. All protest had been silenced.

10. The crowd dispersed without protest.

11. Thai Demonstrators Hold " Bloody " Protest

12. I'll steam up in protest.

13. She cried aloud in protest.

14. He is walking under protest.

15. University students rallied in protest.

16. In practice, Frederick Law two pairs protest scope of the differences, Protest Procedure unclear, Protest stage of major defects, attorney proposals failed to play an effective role.

17. It would be futile to protest.

18. The bedsprings squeaked in mousy protest.

19. He accepted his punishment without protest.

20. General Wavell only obeyed under protest.

21. They had to play under protest.

22. 24) If it is a letter of protest, the protest should be grounded in reason, not emotion.

23. Years ago they held a protest.

24. The incident stirred students to protest.

25. It may also inhibit spontaneous protest.

26. The payment was made under protest.

27. She accepted the charge without protest.

28. The prisoners staged a rooftop protest.

29. She paid the fine under protest.

30. The Ruritanian ambassador delivered a highly emotional protest ... b. The Ruritanian ambassador delivered an extremely strong protest ... 26a.

31. During the day, people continue to protest.

32. There's protest marches arranged for this weekend.

33. The announcement raised a storm of protest.

34. Bohemian protest did them the most harm.

35. The riot began as a peaceful protest.

36. Without protest we became used - car brokers.

37. I translate his silence as a protest.

38. 1 It would be futile to protest.

39. He never uttered a word of protest.

40. It was an impassioned, largely peaceful protest.

41. They agree to the proposal under protest.

42. The poor things shrivel up in protest.

43. The protest was tearing Holy Trinity apart.

44. Some say Montezuma acquiesced virtually without protest.

45. They'll write a sharp note of protest.

46. All the parents walked out in protest.

47. He knew it was useless to protest.

48. Activists staged a protest outside the parliament.

49. I went to the doctor under protest.

50. Write to your local MSP to protest.