racket in English

a type of bat with a round or oval frame strung with catgut, nylon, etc., used especially in tennis, badminton, and squash.
Anyway, I can't just go to some tennis court with my racquet and balls, I need someone to play with and that's why I need a club.
a loud unpleasant noise; a din.
the kids were making a racket
make a loud unpleasant noise.
trains racketed by

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1. 7 The invention relates to a badminton racket, comprising a racket head, a racket handle and a racket bar.

2. What a racket.

3. A badminton racket. tennis racket table-tennis bat baseball bat. ...

4. 8 A badminton racket. tennis racket table-tennis bat baseball bat. ...

5. What's all that racket?

6. A battery - operated tennis racket.

7. I'll go find a racket.

8. I have a tennis racket.

9. A squash racket , ball , court , game.

10. Safin still indulges in some fretting and head hanging, racket dropping and occasionally racket kicking.

11. Who's making all that racket?

12. Do you have a tennis racket?

13. The Racket platform provides an implementation of the Racket language (including a run-time system, libraries, and JIT compiler) along with the DrRacket integrated development environment (IDE) written in Racket.

14. Disconsolate, Soapy ceased his unavailing racket.

15. He had his tennis racket strung.

16. He has strung his tennis racket.

17. He hates the racket of modern life.

18. He had to shout over the racket.

19. You're pretty good with that racket.

20. Such a racket made me headache.

21. I have sprung my tennis racket.

22. What kind of a racket are you...

23. My hands blistered from holding the racket.

24. A : So what about the tennis racket?

25. My neighbours are making an unholy racket.

26. They're involved in a drug - smuggling racket.

27. I bought her a new tennis racket.

28. I'm going to buy a tennis racket.

29. This tennis racket absorbs shock on impact.

30. Can you loan me your tennis racket?

31. How did she get into the modelling racket?

32. He asked if you had a tennis racket.

33. 17 I have sprung my tennis racket.

34. He got rich in the advertising racket.

35. Telephone chat lines are a real racket.

36. What a racket the children are making!

37. 5 Boys, don't racket about any more!

38. Is that you making all that racket?

39. Try adjusting your grip on the racket.

40. Will you find me my tennis racket?

41. This old racket needs its string tension adjusted.

42. 3 Can I try your new badminton racket ?

43. 2 Can I try you new badminton racket?

44. 22 Can you loan me your tennis racket?

45. She just tipped the ball with her tennis racket.

46. I have broken a string in my tennis racket.

47. I have broken several strings in my tennis racket.

48. 8 Try adjusting your grip on the racket.

49. The children always racket about in the courtyard.

50. Because he lost his racket, cannot to play.