raid|raided|raiding|raids in English



attack on, foray into, sudden incursion into

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1. The way this raid was organised, the commando landing, and street battles make this a classic of fighting raids.

2. Similar raids occurred daily over the next week, with one raid on 1 May heavily damaging one of the Catalinas at Gavutu.

3. Folks raiding all the pharmacies.

4. Spotted a Lannister raiding party.

5. They raided the Institute.

6. I caught Toby raiding the fridge.

7. No more reaving, roving, raiding, or raping.

8. Many children raided our orchard.

9. I caught him raiding the fridge again .

10. Fucking cops raiding my clubs for days now.

11. At the home bases of Viking raiding parties?

12. Just like when you raided FEMA?

13. Fraud squad officers raided the firm's offices.

14. T . Boone Pickens raided many large companies.

15. In 19 allied bombers repeatedly raided Hamburg.

16. Air raid!

17. This was a mere raiding of the borders.

18. The Sioux once raided into Apache territory.

19. 54 Vichy French bombers raided Gibraltar.

20. The police raided their gambling house.

21. His patrols halted the raiding assailed the Danish army.

22. It was like corporate raiding on Wall Street.

23. They were raided by roaming bands of marauders.

24. [ Air raid siren ]

25. Air- raid alert!