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bar, bannister; bar used to hang objects; railroad track

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1. Angled guide plate and system for fixing rails for rail vehicles

2. Rail removal I want to take down some dado and picture rails.

3. This applies when using girder-rail and mounting guard- or wing-rails.

4. The rail tracks were bridge rails screwed to longitudinal timber of Oregon Pine.

5. Ship's rails (guard rails)

6. Horizontally-mounted rail tracks (230) are adjustably coupled to vertical rack mount rails (240) with slidable connectors (410).

7. Rails, in particular anchor rails for lift guide rails, anchor rails for lift door fixings

8. 14 End product staircase, staircase column, stainless steel guard rail, staircase fitting, stair rails, front door handle and hardware fitting.

9. Railway or tramway track construction material of iron or steel, the following: rails, check-rails and rack rails, switch blades, crossing frogs, point rods and other crossing pieces, sleepers (cross-ties), fishplates, chairs, chair wedges, sole plates (base plates), rail clips, bedplates, ties and other material specialized for jointing or fixing rails

10. Angled rails

11. The mounting plate can also be guided along a retaining rail and be connected by angle brackets to the rack or mounting rails.

12. Gates, rails, ornamental elements for gates and rails, of metal

13. The invention aims at substantially simplifying the construction and manufacture of such anchor rails without affecting the carrying capacity of the anchor rail.

14. That system includes a suburban rail system (S-Bahn) linking outlying communities with the city centre, and a deep underground light rail system with smaller coaches (U-Bahn) also capable of travelling above ground on rails.

15. You greased the rails.

16. Bulwarks, rails and guards

17. RHex has trouble on rails -- on smooth rails, as you see here.

18. Rail grinding has become increasingly popular as a means of correcting surface damage to rails, and also controlling wheel contact position(s) and railhead profile.

19. In the model, the flexural rigidity of rails, the rigidity of fastenings, the rigidity of subgrade, slide plate, guard rail and spacer block are taken into account.

20. Trains run on rails.

21. Anchor rails of metal

22. Trains travel along rails.

23. Guard rails of metal

24. Trams run along rails.

25. Subracks consisting of multi-combination side parts, connector rails, locking rails, support and guide strips