rail at the fate of in English

cry over the fate of, mourn the destiny of

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "rail at the fate of" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rail at the fate of", or refer to the context using the word "rail at the fate of" in the English Dictionary.

1. Look at the shears of fate.

2. But if the fate of the world is at stake...

3. I'm at peace with my fate.

4. Rail transport is operated by VIA Rail at the Gare du Palais ('Palace Station').

5. 2 Thy fate is the common fate of all.

6. - Fate of PCDD/Fs and other POPs at the air/water interface .

7. The Hinge of Fate.

8. She is thinking and testing fate at the same time.

9. Mr Knapp warned passengers and rail workers alike their fate was in their own hands if they voted for candidates supporting privatisation.

10. Stroke of fate

11. The worshipers kneeled at the altar rail to break bread.

12. At this average mil thickness, the yield of the guard rail paint increases.

13. Another tip: cut the top-rail tenons just short of the rail depth.

14. 25 At this average mil thickness, the yield of the guard rail paint increases.

15. a plaything of fate.

16. Remove fuel supply line latch clip at injector rail.

17. The Exeter to Barnstaple rail line was under water at Yeoford.

18. At the same time the State Department bureaucracy tended to tempt fate.

19. At last , a scheme of Huzhou's construction in the intercity rail network is discussed.

20. Concerned over the apparent fate of Israel at the hands of Syria, Jehoash came weeping to Elisha.

21. It's fate

22. the conveyance of goods by rail.

23. She should be desolate, broken hearted, ready to scream at fate.

24. It's fate.

25. Look at us, a couple wily desperados thrown together by fate.