railcard|rail card|railcards in English


(British) train pass that allows one to ride for reduced cost

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1. Your Railcard is not transferable to anyone else.

2. The railcard allows students and young people to travel half-price on most trains.

3. Anchor rail

4. Rail guards

5. Rail fares

6. Quad, Rail-to-Rail, fault-protected, SPST analog switch.

7. Genus Capellirallus – Snipe-rail Genus Vitirallus – Viti Levu rail.

8. Conveyor installations, in particular rail-mounted conveyor installations, including rail systems, rail-mounted sledges and locomotion devices

9. Credit card, debit card, affinity card services and providing access to credit card, debit card, affinity card services

10. Moldable anchor rail


12. Rail noise abatement

13. Freight rail transport

14. Road guard rail

15. Account card, charge card and credit card services

16. Credit card, loyalty card and affinity card services

17. i. Track Safety (e.g. rail welding, rail inspection, track circuit etc.) ii.

18. All girders shipped by rail were arranged on a flatbed rail car.

19. - statistics on rail accidents.

20. : rail-wheel adhesion coefficient

21. Another tip: cut the top-rail tenons just short of the rail depth.

22. Scaffold guard rail support

23. Back rail and back rail adapter for a frameless, multi-layered solar module

24. Adjustable guard rail post

25. The poor guard rail.