railway|railways in English


[rail·way || 'reilweɪ]

railroad, train track, path for a train made of parallel metal tracks

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1. Games and playthings, modelling building games, model railway tracks and accessories, functioning model railways

2. No co - ordinated railway policy was possible because of the multiple ownership and management of the railways .

3. Intensive development activities significantly drain funding abilities of Czech Railways curbing thus investment projects at other railway lines

4. According to reports, Pakistan Railways has undertaken expansion works at "Zero Point” Railway Station platform and immigration office.

5. According to reports, Pakistan Railways has recently undertaken expansion works at "Zero Point” Railway Station platform and immigration office.

6. For most of the new suburbanites the railways and the railway station became an integral part of their lives.

7. National railways refer to railways managed by the State Council department in charge of railways.

8. On April 1, 1944, the railway was nationalised by the imperial government and became the Nambu Line of Japanese Government Railways.

9. The growth of competition put paid to repeated attempts by the railways and the political authorities to establish a financially viable railway.

10. Some industrial narrow-gauge railways and a Children's railway can still be found in Belarus particularly associated with the peat extraction industry.

11. The primary idea behind presenting a separate Budget for the railways is to secure stability for civil estimates by providing for an assured contribution by the railways and also to introduce flexibility in the administration of railway finance .

12. While a great deal has been written about railways in migration, little notice has been taken of the role of the railway station.

13. I'll smash his railways.

14. 4 Building urban rapid railways will be a good measure to solve the traffic jam problem in cities. The elevated railway affects the urban landscape.

15. Whereas Council Directive 91/440/EEC of 29 July 1991 on the development of the Community's railways (4) provides for certain access rights in international rail transport for railway undertakings and international groupings of railway undertakings;

16. Operation of aerial railways

17. In December 1990, the Ministry of Railways (MOR) submitted to the National People's Congress a proposal to build a high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai.

18. Apparatus for locomotion by land, in water or on water, namely cable cars, rack railways, aerial conveyors, lifts, tramways, suspension railways, passenger transport railways, service tramways

19. 24 Higher paid employees of the railways enjoy free or concessionary travel on the railways.

20. Persons barge into crossover of railways.

21. It also ranks as the highest adhesion railway of the continent, and – with inclines of up to 7% – as one of the steepest adhesion railways in the world.

22. Roads and railways artery every province.

23. The railways passed into public ownership.

24. Railways are ramified over the country.

25. The national railways have now been electrified.