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train tracks, railroad tracks, tracks upon which a train runs

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1. Dozens of miles of railway track have been torn up.

2. Across the river the railway track ran up to the pithead.

3. The boy was electrocuted when he wandered onto a railway track.

4. To increase public knowledge of railway safety, railway track safety awareness specificity.

5. The nominal distance between the two outer rails (gauge) of a railway track.

6. Model railway accessories including coaches, wagons, railway track, bridges, tunnels, figurines and model buildings

7. An old railway track transformed into a bike path runs along the Massawippi River.

8. Father worked for the railroad, and our small apartment was situated near the railway track.

9. Brother Lambert set off to walk along the railway track to the nearest small town.

10. I saw one of the conventional steelworks: huge blast furnace, converter, ingot, mile of railway track.

11. Turn left through the caravan site to stile leading to abandoned railway track, on which turn right.

12. The railway track will have to be cleared of vegetation if it is to be used again.

13. Key words: railway track, concrete ties, ballast aggregate, aggregate, crushed face, rail, 36 t (40 tons) axle loads.

14. The twist of a railway track (36) can be measured with a vehicle which includes a frame (25).

15. • Transfer and Discontinuance of Railway Line Operations and Railway Track Determinations The above are available in alternate formats.

16. The open tramroad is laid in light-railway track, known as bullhead, which is mounted on chairs and sleepers.

17. For example, in 1921 a team of railroad-maintenance men in South Africa worked their way along a stretch of railway track.

18. 6 Visitors also shouldn't miss the High Line,(www.Sentencedict.com) once an abandoned elevated railway track that's been turned into a popular park.

19. This point is also the entry for the Media to the function on the other side of the railway track (access over bridge)

20. By means of trigonometrical progression method and the mainline track spectrum, the sample function of the Chinese mainline railway track random geometric irregularity is simulated.

21. The present invention relates to absorption of vibration structure of the railway track bed, which comprises floating slab (1) and spring absorption of vibration apparatus (2).

22. 27 According to the analysis of the dynamic performance of every damper under fault condition with various speeds, we can gain the highest speed in different railway track irregularity.

23. 22 A scheme of power supply using the super capacitor and the mini manual electrical generator for the hand-held digital display railway track scale has been designed and realized.

24. The 6 km (3.7 mi) railway track from Raxaul to Birgunj was converted to broad gauge two years after the Indian railways converted the track to Raxaul inside India to broad gauge.

25. The term excludes the following articles which are listed separately: all ammunition; cartridges, signal; cutters, cable, explosive; fireworks; flares, aerial; flares, surface; release devices, explosive; rivets, explosive; signal devices, hand; signals, distress; signals, railway track, explosive; signals, smoke.