rain|rained|raining|rains in English



shower, release water droplets during stormy weather; give or offer in great quantities

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1. It looks like rain [raining].

2. It is raining, Master Dwarf and it will continue to rain until the rain is done.

3. When it rains, it is acid rain that burns the skin.

4. If it rains let it rain, yea the wetter the better.

5. 14 If it rains let it rain, yea the wetter the better.

6. When the rains come, we hurry up to protect our fragile walls against the rain.

7. This gang of Huang Yan rains when the day namely becomes the niter acid rain.

8. It rained in northwestern California during the night and rain was moving into the northern interior early Tuesday.

9. It was raining again, and so windy and cold that the rain felt like sleet on their faces.

10. Extreme acid rains can have a pH as low as 3. CAUSES OF ACID RAIN 1.

11. Now it was raining hard outside, great heavy unmerciful rain slanting out of the sky like steel rods.

12. It rained in the sky, in long streaky sheets, but the rain dried up before it reached the ground.

13. Then the rains came —acid rains!

14. There are no birds, no butterflies, no insects of any kind, and when it rains it’s acid rain.

15. It's raining nice.

16. It stopped raining.

17. (It's raining bones!).

18. It has been raining for days,[Sentencedict.com] I hope against hope that the rain would be stop after a few days.

19. Until I saw many beautiful girls wear colorful rain boots in US. What a wonderful thing that you can have one pair of colorful rain boot in the raining season...

20. Has it stopped raining?

21. Premise 2: It's raining.

22. When there are fires in the Amazon, the smoke stops the rain, it stops raining, the forest dries up and catches fire.

23. At the end of the season, you actually don't want it to rain, because rains then can damage the crop.

24. The smell of raining.

25. While it rained copiously on the surrounding highlands, It'seldom rained in Eden proper.