rain clouds|rain cloud in English

clouds that bring down showers of rai

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "rain clouds|rain cloud" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rain clouds|rain cloud", or refer to the context using the word "rain clouds|rain cloud" in the English Dictionary.

1. Dark clouds denote rain.

2. Those black clouds forebode rain.

3. Do dark clouds signify rain?

4. Rain drops from the clouds.

5. 8 Those black clouds betoken rain.

6. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain.

7. There were dark clouds overhead promising rain.

8. Clouds usually precipitate as rain or snow.

9. The clouds indicate the coming of rain.

10. Rain clouds were looming on the horizon.

11. Clouds usually precipitate as rain and snow.

12. Dark clouds massed, and I expected rain.

13. Let a rain cloud settle over it.

14. However, cloud conditions in Florida are expected to worsen after Friday, with low clouds and rain showers likely.

15. (See also Acid Rain; Climate; Clouds; Floods; Weather)

16. 9 Heavy clouds were forming,[www.Sentencedict.com] presaging rain.

17. Look at dark cloud. It looks like rain.

18. Have the flavor of rain cloud how can?

19. There were clouds and intermittent rain during the festival.

20. Thick clouds darkened the sky before the rain fell.

21. 9 Rain or snow usually comes from nimbus clouds.

22. Acid rain and radioactive clouds have damaged large areas.

23. Thus perhaps even clouds and rain may be biogenic.

24. Black rain clouds were scudding in over the Thames.

25. Rain clouds are banking up. Hope they'll blow over.