rain shower in English


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Use "rain shower" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "rain shower" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rain shower", or refer to the context using the word "rain shower" in the English Dictionary.

1. Light rain shower southeast of the field.

2. We were soaked in a rain shower.

3. Walk in a summer rain shower without an umbrella.

4. A rain shower splatters so realistically, you almost feel wet.

5. Every time I get caught in a rain shower I catch cold.

6. The moist air that follows a rain shower makes one feel refreshed.

7. Three things make me hate summer: air conditioner, rain shower and ice cream.

8. The sudden rain shower pouring from the dire cliffs resemble a high waterfall.

9. The latest rain shower had stopped, and an orange, smoky sunset came on.

10. According to the weather report, tomorrow Lost Angeles will partly cloudy with occasional rain shower.

11. According to the weather report , tomorrow Lost Angeles will be partly cloudy with occasional rain shower.

12. I feel the wind on my face and the first drops of a summer rain shower falling on my hair.

13. Upstairs, the 32 en-suite rooms offer more space for sleeping — about three tatami mats' worth — and the luxury of a compact rain shower.