raindrop|raindrops in English


one droplet of rainwate

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1. Raindrops algorithm

2. Here, let me, raindrop.

3. This is the "Double Raindrop."

4. Add Raindrops to Photograph

5. The raindrop falls on my face.

6. Set here the raindrops ' size

7. Mr. Raindrop, falling away from me now.

8. When sunlight encounters a raindrop, part of the light is reflected and the rest enters the raindrop.

9. Dixie wipes a raindrop from his brow.

10. This guy walks through the raindrops.

11. Big raindrops splatted against the windscreen.

12. The water butt juggles with raindrops.

13. Your Majesty, Yuchi is calling " Raindrop drums "!

14. The raindrop was beating against the windowpanes.

15. I remember feeling raindrops under my fingers.

16. The raindrops, fat and rapid, splattered down.

17. 1) Dixie wipes a raindrop from his brow.

18. There were raindrops on his bald crown.

19. A few raindrops patter on the roof.

20. Falling raindrops break up through hydrodynamic effects.

21. The raindrops have left spots on the windows.

22. Building a better mousetrap, one raindrop at a time.

23. Gravity is pulling every raindrop and snowflake and hailstone.

24. This value controls the maximum number of raindrops

25. This guy James, he must walk between raindrops.