rainfall|rainfalls in English


quantity of rain that has fallen; shower, rain, instance of water droplets falling from the clouds during stormy weathe

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1. Heavy rainfalls swamped the lowlands.

2. Heavy rainfalls flooded the lowlands.

3. There have been heavy rainfalls this month.

4. Their reproductive output is highest in summer following high rainfalls.

5. Ordinary type rainfall consists of short duration rainfall, long duration rainfall and two kinds of superposition.

6. Your voice of necromancy... sly agate-Colored eyes and unexpected rainfalls.

7. The present invention relates to a rainfall information system and a rainfall information server utilizing vehicle rainfall sensor data.

8. Heavy rainfall ruined the match.

9. Rainfall is abundant in the region.

10. I am always mesmerized by rainfall.

11. In fact, many of the occasional desert rainfalls are very light and incapable of any serious erosion.

12. Eastern slopes tend to receive less rainfall.

13. The rainfall averages 1000 mm a year.

14. The rainfall averages 36 inches a year.

15. Her work includes measuring the local rainfall.

16. The mean annual rainfall was 852 mm.

17. Frogs began to croak with the rainfall.

18. The area has a high annual rainfall.

19. Inside moist climate, abundant rainfall, verdant vegetation.

20. 3) Rainfall is abundant in the region.

21. Rainfall has been above normal this July.

22. Rainfall worldwide remains roughly constant, but populations soar.

23. There has been below average rainfall this month.

24. The average rainfall amounts to 233.5 mm/ month.

25. We have an erratic rainfall pattern of necessity.