rainforest|rainforests in English


thick jungle area located where there is a heavy amount of rainfall

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1. "Gondwana Rainforests of Australia".

2. Rainforests occur around the equator.

3. Destruction of the Amazonian rainforests.

4. The Amazonian rainforests make up one third of all rainforests and are vitally important in terms of biological diversity.

5. In one area of the rainforest rainforest, he watched as an orangutan moved through the trees.

6. The rainforest is being systematically destroyed.

7. Tropical rainforests exhibit high levels of biodiversity.

8. Tropical rainforests arose, sparking new layers of interdependence.

9. The rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate.

10. The rainforest is a self-supporting ecosystem.

11. Like oceans, rainforests absorb carbon from our atmosphere.

12. The project Gabon rain for restthreatens Gabon's rainforests. Mr.

13. Ranchers are tearing down the rainforests to make hamburgers.

14. He said, " What can I do to save the rainforests? "

15. Heedless destruction of the rainforests is contributing to global warming.

16. They plundered the rainforest for its natural riches.

17. We were deep in a tropical rainforest .

18. It's not just about the Amazonas, or indeed about rainforests.

19. The effects of drought are even felt in the rainforests.

20. Weedy morning - glory vines overran the rainforest canopy.

21. Yet the rainforests cover just seven percent of global landmass.

22. Vast areas of the Amazon rainforest have been destroyed.

23. Two-thirds of all flowering plants can be found in rainforests.

24. The Amazonian rainforest is disappearing at an alarming rate.

25. The rainforest is disappearing at an alarming rate.