raise the standard of revolt in English

aise the banner of rebellion, lift the banner of revolt

Use "raise the standard of revolt" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "raise the standard of revolt" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "raise the standard of revolt", or refer to the context using the word "raise the standard of revolt" in the English Dictionary.

1. They had the power to raise the revolt by using the demons

2. I raise up in stern invasion the standard of the strong!

3. This standard would rename actuarial validation reports and raise the target.

4. The increase has negated the government’s efforts to raise the standard of living and remove poverty.

5. 15 Purpose : To raise clinical X - ray diagnosis standard to the pulmonary mycosis.

6. What is the revolt of Jacob?

7. This boom in adult education, in turn, helps to raise the intellectual standard of the whole country.

8. After centuries of obscurity, the ancient faith of Zoroastrianism had a new visibility, and a symbolic standard to raise.

9. Karykes, the leader of a revolt in Crete.

10. What will be the consequences of Judah’s revolt?

11. The villagers' fierce independence formed the mainspring of revolt.

12. The government squashed the revolt cruelly.

13. Objective:To raise the quality standard of Wei C Yinqiao Grannules and establish a method for determination of vitamine C in sample.

14. This has helped raise the standard of living for workers in those nations by a nominal amount, but it has been absolutely devastating for the standard of living of America's middle class.

15. 27 The peasants threatened to revolt.

16. 10 The farmers rose in revolt.

17. The army quickly crushed the revolt.

18. Rumors of a revolt were afloat. Sentencedict.com

19. 25 Rumors of a revolt were afloat.

20. 11 There's no fear of revolt now.

21. 16 The army is in revolt .

22. 28 The peasants rose in revolt.

23. 18 Has the revolt been contained?

24. 4 The people rose in revolt.

25. Book 2 addresses the Komnenian revolt.