raised an objection|raise an objection in English

voiced his objection, said his opinion against the matter at hand, verbally expressed his dissatisfactio

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1. 15 The Commission raised an objection of inadmissibility against that action .

2. 7 One MP raised an objection on a point of order.

3. None of them raised any objection.

4. The fact that an objection is raised has to be notified to all authorities involved.

5. Objection is rejected by an absolute majority or Objection is rejected by a 2/3 majority

6. Some managers have recently raised objection to the PFA handling these negotiations.

7. They made an objection to the imperial system with resolution.

8. Whereas those exporters, representing all the trade concerned, have raised no objection,

9. Defense attorney to aspects and so on murder evidence raised the objection.

10. The type of response to the objection depends on the type; price or value objection, product/service objection, and procrastinating objections.

11. If the householder presents an objection, gently try to continue the conversation.

12. Requests to make an objection shall specify the datum or data concerned

13. It involves the use of an objection as a stimulus to buy.

14. The Prosecutor looked toward Napoleon, waiting for him to thunder an objection.

15. 14 – The ‘buttressing’ objection.

16. That is confirmed, moreover, by the Court's dismissal of an objection to admissibility.


18. You've no objection, I trust.

19. There is a preponderant objection: popularity is worthless as an index of quality.

20. The Prosecutor looked toward Napoleon,[Sentencedict.com] waiting for him to thunder an objection.

21. The judge sustained the lawyer's objection.

22. I have no objection to it.

23. 5 After making an objection which was not upheld, Mr Mueller brought an action before the Verwaltungsgericht, Trier .

24. What's the objection to Scotch tape?

25. Non-requirement of confirmation of an objection formulated prior to formal confirmation of a reservation