raja|rajas in English


[ra·ja || 'rɑːdʒə]

Indian prince (also rajah)

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1. So, Raja Raja sends his sword, instead of him and performs the marriage.

2. Raja Yoga is considered the king of all yoga branches, known as Raja Yoga.

3. Accordingly, the Rajas formed an alliance, and marched towards Anandpur.

4. They're talking with Raja Bell.

5. This is our son Raja.

6. Raja is immediately branded as a blue film maker.

7. The Raja of Tippera raided at the crucial moment.

8. Boon Lay Raja Restaurant was first established in 19

9. Subdue Tamasic action, sublimate Rajas into Sattva by selfless service, transcend Sattva by Self - Knowledge.

10. Results: There exists no interaction in Raja porosa hemoglobin component.

11. Kobe let Raja Bell get under his too - thin skin.

12. Objective: To study the self - interaction of Chondrichthyes ( Raja porosa ) hemoglobin component.

13. Meditation is a sattvic activity and aims at complete elimination of tamas ( inertia ) and rajas ( motivity ).

14. It is dead , but has three powers potentially , not actually , which Avyakta are called sattva , rajas , and tamas .

15. He declared war against Raja Khatib and became the ruler of Negeri Sembilan.

16. I feel rage in my heart when I pay Lagaan to the Raja...

17. Pazhassi Raja resisted British imperialism from 1793 onwards till his death in 1805.

18. Over the years, I have reviewed many recorded hours of video involving Raja Bell.

19. The submission of a portion of the farmer's harvest...... to the Raja as tax.

20. This toxic orange Godiva nudibranch was photographed in the Raja Ampat islands, Papua, Indonesia.

21. One of Qadri's lawyers, Raja Shuja-ur-Rehman, said the defense would appeal the verdict.

22. In Nanjing, it has Makam Raja Brunei , in Brunei, it has Makam Ong Sum Ping.

23. I strongly urged the government to release Raja Petra Kamaruddin and YB Internal Security Act.

24. 21 I strongly urged the government to release Raja Petra Kamaruddin and YB Internal Security Act.

25. Opener Ramiz Raja started the tour in fine form, with an innings of 172 against Worcestershire.