rajah|rajahs in English


[ra·jah || 'rɑːdʒə]

Indian prince (also raja)

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1. The Rajahs also encouraged the establishment of schools, healthcare services and transport.

2. We were to take the bind rajah to his wedding in style.

3. All they had were of course at the disposal of the Rajah.

4. What money he could lay his hand on he spent like an Indian rajah.

5. Which meant sorting out wheat from chaff, and living like a rajah while he did so.

6. What money he could lay his hands on, he spent like an rajah.

7. What money he could lay his hands on he spent like anIndian rajah.

8. One year later, López de Legazpi departed Cebu to discuss a peace pact with the defeated Rajahs.

9. 8 A 19th century French traveler described an excruciating method in India during the rule of the Rajahs.

10. The nephew - a sister's child - is a relation of the Rajah, but his son is none at all.

11. According to some history books and big Indian epics, Aryans were separated into several tribes with Rajah, the Indian chieftain.

12. On the 1869 stamps, in the corners are the letters "JBRS" (an abbreviation of "James Brooke,Rajah of Sarawak").

13. He succeeded his uncle, James Brooke, as the second White Rajah of this small country on the coast of Borneo.

14. And, reluctantly, the Rajah and the Rani and the Rani's aunt and the palace staff left the beast with Cinnamon.

15. To gear up economic growth, the second Rajah encouraged the migration of Chinese workers from China and Singapore to work in the agricultural fields.

16. In 1842, Sarawak was ceded by the Sultan of Brunei to James Brooke, whose successors ruled as the White Rajahs over an independent kingdom until 1946, when it became a crown colony.