rally|rallied|rallies|rallying in English


[ral·ly || 'rælɪ]

unite, join together; be united, be joined; recover, recuperate; tease, ridicule

Use "rally|rallied|rallies|rallying" in a sentence

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1. University students rallied in protest.

2. The jilted lover soon rallied and found new friends ; The stock market rallied.

3. But plenty of rallies fizzle into nothing.

4. 2) Silver Fox rallies to Sally Ann.

5. He rallied from his coma.

6. Fellow Republicans rallied to the President's defense.

7. The commander rallied his troops around him.

8. The troops rallied for a final assault.

9. He soon rallied from his fever.

10. Rally round the flag ; boys, rally round the flag.

11. The patient rallied from the coma.

12. The rallies, the speeches, the politics...

13. The team rallied after the first half.

14. BBC leaders rallied to his defence.

15. Stock Exchange rallies strongly in response to open border.

16. 25 The country hastily rallied its defences.

17. Miami rallied to defeat New Orleans 28-

18. The intelligentsia was actively rallying support against the eviction.

19. Below tunnel, sell rallies , buy at fib numbers.

20. I suppose they were rallying the scattered army.

21. You having another rally?

22. Our forces rallied... wand drove the Orcs back.

23. Liphook rallied and Hight reduced the arrears.

24. It's the new rallying cry of a beleaguered nation.

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