rally|rallies in English


[ral·ly || 'rælɪ]

gathering, assembly; union, process of joining together; recovery, recuperation; type of auto race held on public roads according to regular traffic rules

Use "rally|rallies" in a sentence

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1. But plenty of rallies fizzle into nothing.

2. 2) Silver Fox rallies to Sally Ann.

3. Rally round the flag ; boys, rally round the flag.

4. The rallies, the speeches, the politics...

5. Stock Exchange rallies strongly in response to open border.

6. Below tunnel, sell rallies , buy at fib numbers.

7. You having another rally?

8. Below tunnel, sell rallies ,[Sentencedict.com] buy at fib numbers.

9. 2 April: The largest rallies since 1990 begin in Kathmandu.

10. Rally for the Union.

11. Bugler, sound the rally!

12. Supporters often chanted "mother, mother" at rallies and events.

13. In an emergency decree, the government banned all rallies.

14. They used violence to disrupt opposition rallies and meetings.

15. The market will soon rally.

16. They held a celebration rally.

17. Every Italian should rally round him.

18. The conventions have become nothing but cheerleading rallies for the presidential campaign.

19. He attended Democratic rallies and he ostentatiously voted the Democratic ticket.

20. The rally has been declared on.

21. The stock market will soon rally.

22. Everyone will rally round and help.

23. The bugler sounds an emergent rally.

24. He won the last week's rally.

25. This concept could take part in rallies Paris - Dakar or the Baja races.