ralph david abernathy in English


(1926-1990) United States clergyman and civil rights activist who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

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1. As it approaches Abernathy, I-27 curves west away from the Plainview Sub.

2. The university is also featured in the Academy Award-winning 2008 film version The Reader, starring Kate Winslet, David Kross and Ralph Fiennes.

3. Abernathy was a man of great courage and an unselfish dedication to a just cause.

4. Ralph Manheim (translator), ed.

5. Ralph gasped in amazement.

6.  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

7. Let's go, Wreck-It Ralph.

8. P.", which stand for "Ralph Piggot".

9. Ralph read, an arduous process.

10. 3 Ralph gasped in amazement.

11. Ralph is a good egg.

12. And yet Ralph appreciated his visits.

13. 9 Ralph rolled onto his stomach.

14. Twain taught American authors from Arthur Miller to David Bradley, Ralph Ellison, Ursula Le Guin, Toni Morrison, and countless others important lessons about the craft of fiction.

15. Ralph explains: “We prayed for more workers.

16. 14 Ralph mooned harder, with oedipal glee.

17. 25 Ralph dived into the icy water.

18. 24 About half and half, Ralph figured.

19. 1 Ralph tapped me on the shoulder.

20. Ralph tried to hail a cab .

21. Ralph tapped me on the shoulder.

22. 23 Ralph mooned harder, with oedipal glee.

23. 5 Ralph tried to hail a cab .

24. 25 Ralph tried to hail a cab .

25. Ralph squinted, straining to see the speedometer.