rate of fire in English

umber of bullets that a weapon can fire during a given time period (usually per minute)

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1. His rate of fire, the radius of attack.

2. The gun's rate of fire was approximately 96–98 rounds per minute.

3. In indirect mode, the rate of fire is lower than with direct fire.

4. 2S35's rate of fire was improved due to the new pneumatic loader.

5. The high rate of fire and accuracy are definitely the pros of this vehicle.

6. The increased rate of fire laid the foundations for future advances in fire control.

7. Rotation speed 360° in 3.8 seconds Rate of fire: 70 rounds/second (4,200 rounds/minute).

8. If there was a drawback,(Sentencedict) it was the rate of fire on fully automatic.

9. However, due to the high accuracy and rate of fire you can easily use AP shells.

10. If one crewman is slain then the remaining crew can just about cope without reducing the rate of fire.

11. However, if two crewmen are slain, the remaining crewman will be unable to maintain the normal rate of fire.

12. They had a rate of fire of 5–6 rounds per minute and each gun provided with 275 rounds.

13. If one crewman is slain the other two can just about get by without reducing the rate of fire.

14. The RN Gunnery Pocket Book published in 1945 states that: "The maximum rate of fire should be 10–12 rounds per minute.".

15. The " GW Typ E " ( Gee W Type E ) is equipped with a gun similar to the " GW Tiger ", but its rate of fire, accuracy and aiming speed are better.

16. While the 28.3 cm guns were of a smaller caliber than main guns of other navies, they were still preferred by a number of gunnery officers in the Kriegsmarine due to their higher rate of fire.