rehearsals in English

a practice or trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.
rehearsals for the opera season
synonyms: practice practice sessiontrial performanceread-through run-through walk-through dress rehearsal dry run

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1. Rehearsals, older Philharmonia players recall, never overran.

2. The process of revision continued at rehearsals.

3. You sort out the settings at the rehearsals.

4. Yeah, in between Bella rehearsals, which are always.

5. An elevated platform on the stage collapsed during rehearsals.

6. The conductor tends to be tyrannical at concert rehearsals.

7. She worked like a demon all through rehearsals.

8. The ward choir accompanist plays for choir rehearsals and performances.

9. There was a casual bonhomie between the actors at rehearsals.

10. Their teacher Phil Bailey carefully guides them through rehearsals.

11. After rehearsals, we'd all troop off to the cafeteria.

12. Daydreams may seem to be rehearsals for real-life situations.

13. The leading man broke his leg in the middle of rehearsals.

14. We revved up rehearsals for the opening of the play.

15. Parents make a pledge to take their children to rehearsals.

16. Any note, any frequency, directly accessible, eyes closed, in concert or rehearsals!

17. During this time, Double Trouble began rehearsals for the Live Alive tour.

18. The earlier protests had just been dress rehearsals for full-scale revolution.

19. The earlier revolts had just been dress rehearsals for full-scale revolution.

20. Henrietta forced to sing carols seven weeks early in choral rehearsals.

21. The rehearsals make it difficult for her to study for law school exams.

22. Chaplin intended to use spoken dialogue but changed his mind during rehearsals.

23. The episode was taped on November 2, following four days of rehearsals.

24. They've been through rehearsals and are ready to go for the big money.

25. She struck up a close friendship with Desiree during the week of rehearsals.

26. Rehearsals over, a certain degree of moodiness or silly humor would overtake him.

27. For the moment, anyway: David Peart as Jim Callaghan was added during rehearsals.

28. Non-participation at the rehearsals and the gala concert results in loss of the prize.

29. 16 Apparently Ziegfeld spied on rehearsals by watching through a peephole in the wall.

30. The group ran through two weeks of rehearsals using the Rolling Stones' basement studio in Bermondsey.

31. From time to time, why not make such rehearsals part of your Family Worship evening?

32. He took to keeping Stella at his side during rehearsals, ostensibly to jot down notes.

33. 8 Rehearsals were hell - although not quite as hellish as the first performances in Cambridge.

34. The preparation intensified earlier this month as singers and technical staff arrived and started rehearsals.

35. I felt certain that soon my mother would be plunging into rehearsals for Countess Maud.

36. Christie, along with her dog Peter, attended the rehearsals of Alibi and found its "novelty" enjoyable.

37. Meanwhile, rehearsals for Blithe Spirit were proceeding to their second week with me sitting on this bombshell.

38. Taping rehearsals also reduces the likelihood of arguments about who played what at the last rehearsal.

39. 23 I felt certain that soon my mother would be plunging into rehearsals for Countess Maud.

40. Arthur looked at Flute's cross face and thought longingly of Fred's horse sense at dress rehearsals.

41. After a successful British tour in May–June 1973, Wings went into rehearsals for their next album.

42. They were the first of thousands of Tiller Girls who would feel like crawling home after rehearsals.

43. Besides Ms. Horne, among those who made their debuts in basement rehearsals was the singer Pearl Bailey.

44. Not believing in reincarnation or the after-life, it's my view that our lives are not dress rehearsals.

45. 30 His own rehearsals resumed soon after the first Y concert, at most of the old haunts.

46. 26 Unable to see out the operator inside was responsible for a few unintentional gropes during rehearsals!

47. He was slightly perturbed by this but eventually found it very funny because rehearsals became very convivial.

48. It is obvious that this requires a high degree of commitment to regular practice, with punctuality and concentration during rehearsals.

49. Prior to the November 9 show, during week eight rehearsals, both Karina Smirnoff and Aaron Carter came down with the flu.

50. During camera rehearsals earlier in the day he was able to cut out, align and stick down his black cardboard mask.