reheating in English

heat (something, especially cooked food) again.
When reheating this soup, heat only until hot, not boiling.

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1. If reheating, add more spinach and parsley.

2. Add water during reheating to prevent scorching.

3. 16 Thaw it out completely before reheating in a saucepan.

4. Reserve the remaining melted chocolate, reheating as necessary.

5. Reheating requires energy input, lowers your energy efficiency.

6. Thaw it out completely before reheating in a saucepan.

7. We strongly advise you against reheating your meal at a later time.

8. The analysis of data shows that deposit and its periphery have good reheating prospects.

9. This paper introduces emphases, difficulty and countermeasure in the construction of pusher type continuous reheating furnace.

10. Reheating state and thixotropic behavior of semisolid hypoeutectic Al - Si alloy were investigated by the penetration method.

11. Precooked pancakes, which are frozen and ready for consumption after microwave reheating, have become popular in recent years.

12. Remove the lamb from the oven and keep covered and warm, reheating before serving if necessary.

13. It may then be bent or crumpled, but on reheating, will violently untwist, reforming its original shape.

14. A continuous reheating industrial furnace is large inertia, pure delay, multi-variables, time-varying, intercoupling complicated controlled plant, and has many uncertain factors.

15. Burners, in particular gas burners of all kinds, for heating, processing and converting goods, for incinerating and reheating materials and substances

16. Two microwaves are used for reheating, but the electric spice-grinder and liquidiser are mostly kept in their boxes in a storeroom.

17. In this paper, PCA and statistical control chart have been used to detect process operating faults on an industrial rolling mill reheating furnace.

18. By means of reheating experiments and metalloscope, microstructure evolution of AZ91D magnesium alloy extruded by an equal channel angular die is investigated in semi-solid state.

19. The Bethlehem Process of chemical reheating is a relatively inexpensive method for increasing the temperature of molten steel contained in the transfer ladle.

20. The reheating furnace process computer system goals are mainly dynamic production process control, process operation records tracking, and production process optimization with metallurgy model.

21. This paper introduces the characteristics, construction methods of the mouldable refractory and its application effect on the roofs of the reheating furnaces in Angang Hot Rolled Strip Plant.

22. The present status of the research of Mg alloy semi-solid processing from three aspects including the preparation of non-dendritic structure, reheating and semi-solid processing were described.

23. A new style boiler used in power plant adopts a design of double channel axial swirling combustor, transverse impact arrangement, double breeching tail, single reheating and balanced ventilation.

24. 14 The analysis result is that the space between reheating and cooling coil pipes in air conditioner used in cleaning room in pharmaceutical plant is excessive small.

25. And then Robert Stirling came along with this genius idea, which was, well, I'm still not heating the metal now, with this kind of engine, but I'm still reheating all the air.

26. The present invention relates to a system for injection molding, more particularly to an injection system capable of reducing the loss of resin and improving the molding quality, by providing adiabatic means to joint regions between a molten resin distribution means and an external mold and between a nozzle and a mold, respectively, such that the energy loss due to frequent reheating of the distribution means and the nozzles and the denaturation of the molten resin due to reheating can be avoided to improve the molding quality.

27. Animal glues are thermoplastic, softening again upon reheating, so they are still used in making musical instruments such as fine violins and guitars, which may have to be reopened for repairs—an application incompatible with tough, synthetic plastic adhesives, which are permanent.

28. It ensures: the exchange of one portion of the energy of vaporization exiting from the boiler at pressure ALP to provide its own heating owing to the exchangers Fl and F2 associated with the vapour jet ejector Ejv; the exchange of the balance of the energy of vaporization exiting from the boiler at pressure ALP to provide the heating of the boiler under vacuum ALV owing to the third exchanger F3; the reheating at each alembic of the wine introduced by the distilling slops owing to the exchanger EVV.