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caused by -, resulting from -, due to -

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1. A lost cluster usually represents debris resulting from incomplete data "housekeeping, "as might result from the ungraceful exit (messy or abrupt termination) of an application program.

2. — additional costs resulting from the commitment given, and

3. Biological variation resulting from recombination, mutation, and selection.

4. Subtract 3 from the result.

5. Anemia may result from esophagitis.

6. (b) additional costs resulting from the commitment given, and

7. - the pressures on the environment resulting from human activities,

8. There was no wasted energy resulting from unnecessary weight.

9. The hypocalcemia resulting from renal disease is more complex.

10. 21 Emaciated indicates a serious condition resulting from starvation.

11. • Reference to growth resulting from protection of fingernail from physical damage (abrasion, chipping, breaking)

12. transparent knits resulting from light yarns in airy knots.

13. An occupational injury is bodily damage resulting from working.

14. Second, resulting from thrust, dextral and compressive faults earthquakes.

15. The result indicated that selection stress was the main reason resulting in the significant deviations of synthetic introgression loci from expected segregation ratios.

16. In what ways do Bible principles protect you from the pain resulting from sexual immorality?

17. “CO2 emissions from biomass decomposition” means releases of CO2 resulting from aerobic decomposition of biomass.

18. John of the Cross, fresh blood flowed from the wound resulting from an amputated finger.

19. What do turbidity currents result from?

20. Ranulas are cysts resulting from retention or extravasation of saliva from the sublingual salivary gland.

21. Deaths are secondary to anoxia resulting from elevated methaemoglobin levels

22. Implementing a tariff commitment resulting from the Information Technology Agreement

23. - adverse effects resulting from transfer of genes to other organisms.

24. 8-OHdG resulting from ROS is increased in chronic gastritis.

25. The resulting images showed roadways radiating from a central graveyard.