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cost paid by the private custome

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "retail price" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "retail price", or refer to the context using the word "retail price" in the English Dictionary.

1. The recommended retail price is £

2. The retail price index is published monthly.

3. The recommended retail price of £99 inc.

4. The retail price of this car is.

5. The CybrCards have a suggested retail price of $

6. The December retail price inflation report is due Thursday.

7. The company quotes a target retail price of £300.

8. The listed retail price for the second printing is $ 25.99 .

9. The retail price for the set is 22800 yen without tax.

10. At an estimated retail price of $ 500, that translates into $ 500 million.

11. Available this spring for a suggested retail price of $ 99 or less.

12. Inflation, as measured by the retail price index, is expected to drop.

13. And the actual retail price of Barney's showcase is... $ 18,421 exactly right!

14. You request the main selection at the retail price by doing nothing.

15. The Government agreed to peg down the retail price of certain food stuffs.

16. The government agreed to peg down the retail price of certain basic foodstuffs.

17. The account pays interest at 5% gross over the headline retail price index.

18. Employee fraud: Assistance from employees to return stolen goods for full retail price.

19. The survey indicator used in this analysis is the overall retail price index.

20. The state pension is increased annually in line with the retail price index.

21. 24 The company could not yet say what the retail price range would be.

22. He was going to have to purchase all his lumber at full retail price.

23. The retail price of the base game dropped by $10 at the same time.

24. The increase in our standard rates will be linked to the retail price index.

25. There is retail price maintenance by the manufacturer, both maximum price and minimum price.

26. Enter a minimum salary, retail price index, and guaranteed minimum salary for this external variable.

27. Retail price competition and market mechanism and the industrial life cycle has the close relation.

28. inflation on the retail price index tumbled last month to its lowest level since 19

29. The first players also might miss the mass-market break-off retail price of $ 500.

30. At present the Chancellor has nine days' prior warning of the crucial retail price figures.

31. You will often see accessories for as little as one-tenth their normal retail price.

32. As a consequence, the retail price of Freon has zoomed to $ 25 to $ 35 per pound.

33. Therefore, the calculation of retail price index is useful to analyze of the above economic activities.

34. Over 40 new books are on offer at 25 per cent off their normal retail price.

35. As an example, suppose that we wish to calculate the Retail Price Index for April 19

36. A 30-day supply of cleansing lotion was marketed at the retail price of US$100.

37. Partly this reflects the lack of enthusiasm among manufacturers toward any erosion of retail price maintenance.

38. You would be correct in thinking that the retail price does not cover the cost of production.

39. Later in 2005, the manufacturer suggested retail price for the Nintendo DS was dropped to US$129.99.

40. The earnings cap, originally £000, was supposed to increase each year in line with retail price inflation.

41. His production costs went higher, but the retail price of the pickles he sold stayed the same.

42. The retail price index registered a drop for the first time and stayed in negative territory ever since.

43. High taxes and increased demand represent just part of the equation establishing the retail price of gas, however.

44. This is a far wider range of goods and services than those covered in the Retail Price Index.

45. It can be connected to tablets via Bluetooth and comes with an estimated retail price of US$ 79.95 .

46. Citizen was hoping to market the watch to students and businessmen, with a retail price of around $399.

47. The positive research on price fluctuation in China takes the overall retail price index as the main indicator.

48. The retail price index for September is expected to show inflation edging up to about 8 per cent.

49. The earnings cap, originally £000,(Sentencedict) was supposed to increase each year in line with retail price inflation.

50. The value of these stocks is uprated each year in line with changes in the retail price index.