retrograde in English

directed or moving backward.
a retrograde flow
go back in position or time.
our history must retrograde for the space of a few pages
a degenerate person.
As a consequence, for several decades now, the only students being taught this old style are the retrogrades , the people who are holding out in some way.

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "retrograde" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "retrograde", or refer to the context using the word "retrograde" in the English Dictionary.

1. Venus's rotation is retrograde.

2. Those who impede connectivity have retrograde objectives.

3. The rotation in the elliptic is retrograde.

4. He has retrograde amnesia, acute psychological suppression.

5. This retrograde conduction does not always take place.

6. Retrograde pyelography could locate accurately for the carcinoma.

7. Objective:The morphological bases of retrograde coronary sinus perfusion (RCSP) and retrograde right atrium perfusion (RRAP) were studied with pig heart model.

8. Closing the factory would be a retrograde step.

9. 1 He has retrograde amnesia, acute psychological suppression.

10. Root canal was prepared with gradually retrograde method.

11. Never date a Taurus when Mercury is in retrograde?

12. The closure of the factory is a retrograde step .

13. The retrograde rotation of Venus came as a considerable surprise.

14. The closure of the factories is seen as a retrograde step .

15. They revealed a diamond shaped body and confirmed its retrograde rotation.

16. All patients underwent an abdominal ultrasound examination before endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.

17. Another important branch of retrograde analysis problems is proof game problems.

18. Adriamycin can selectively kill perikaryon by way of retrograde axoplasmic transport.

19. The possibility of obstructive uropathy was completely excluded by retrograde pyelography.

20. It is cowardly of him to retrograde in face of danger.

21. 14 These are all wonderful things to do while Mercury is retrograde.

22. The remainder is a retrograde of the same series a semitone lower.

23. Topsy-turvy things happen like this all the time when Mercury is retrograde.

24. Parkinson's disease is a commonly encountered central nervous retrograde affection in elder persons.

25. The diagnosis was established readily on IVU, cystoscopy , retrograde pyeloureterography or dye studies.

26. He said it would be a retrograde step to remove single parent benefit.

27. To study the effect of ketamine on patients retrograde amnesia and implicit memory.

28. Mr. Hurd I do not think that it would be a retrograde step.

29. The simplest home - related activities can go haywire during a Mercury retrograde period.

30. To eliminate the possibility of this would seem to be a retrograde step.

31. A new calculation method of formation retrograde condensate oil saturation has been established.

32. Methods Retrograde pancreatic duct injection of 5% sodium taurocholate to establish ANP models.

33. Conclusion The diagnosis may be established with intravenous urogram and retrograde pyelography and surgical .

34. The trade in live exports will begin again which is a major retrograde step.

35. The Prime Minister described transferring education to central government funding as "a retrograde step".

36. Conclusions Trajectory , Voiding cystourethrography, especially retrograde urethrography, are effective means for diagnose urethral duplication.

37. Mercury also rules transportation, shipping, and communication, and when retrograde, these areas go haywire.

38. Mercury retrograde always marks a time when delays, postponements, and re - do's are common.

39. Conclusions Trajectory, Voiding cystourethrography , especially Retrograde urethrography, are effective means for diagnose urethral duplication .

40. A cannulated retrograde reamer that is adjustable to create tunnels of multiple different diameters.

41. 3 To study the effect of ketamine on patients retrograde amnesia and implicit memory.

42. 22 Objective:To evaluate the clinical effects of minocycline ointment (Perioline) supplementary treatment on retrograde pulpitis.

43. Methods Adopt double-pole electric-coagulative hemostasis, combine order method with retrograde method in minichclecystectomy.

44. 4 Conclusion The diagnosis may be established with intravenous urogram and retrograde pyelography and surgical .

45. 15 Con clu sion CT has advantages over retrograde cystogram in diagnosing traumatic bladder rupture.

46. Cystoscopy and retrograde ureteropyelography were of great value in diagnosis of primary carcinoma of ureter.

47. 4 Sometimes, people also experience transient retrograde amnesia, forgetting some portion of their previous memories.

48. It is common for a major planet to retrograde for several months at a time.

49. Objective To discuss the retrograde nailing internal fixation in the treatment of femur comminuted fracture.

50. As for the attackers, I believe the retrograde action brought to justice is manifest in them.