round the clock in English

lasting all day and all night.
round-the-clock surveillance
    around the clock
    day-and-night nonstop around-the-clock

Use "round the clock" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "round the clock" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "round the clock", or refer to the context using the word "round the clock" in the English Dictionary.

1. They're working round the clock.

2. She needed round-the-clock nursing.

3. Staff will work round the clock.

4. He often works round the clock.

5. Round-the-clock service features this store.

6. Round - the - clock broadcast Christmas carol music.

7. Having worked round the clock , I'm completely knackered.

8. Doctors must provide a round-the-clock service.

9. The filling station has round - the - clock service.

10. Round-the-clock service features this little store.

11. Additional services are provided here round the clock.

12. We've got choppers on round-the-clock freeway patrol.

13. We worked round the clock to finish the job.

14. Our factory operates round the clock on three shifts.

15. He studied round the clock for his history exam.

16. Surgeons are working round the clock to save his life.

17. 6 We worked round the clock to finish the job.

18. To provide round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services.

19. Police mounted round-the-clock guards on properties last night.

20. We are working all round the clock to finish this dictionary!

21. Round-the-clock police protection is given to all senior politicians.

22. His parents kept a round-the-clock vigil at his bedside.

23. The police are keeping the suspects under round-the-clock surveillance.

24. This round-the-clock demonstration dramatizes the deep divisions in Taiwan's society.

25. Delicate little Louise, requiring round-the-clock, year-long, life-long protection.

26. Since the outbreak of war, journalists have been working round the clock.

27. People prefer gas for its reliability, controllability and round-the-clock economy.

28. * Embassy of India has set up a round the clock Control Room.

29. Emergency teams were working round the clock to make the homes secure.

30. No mere morning sickness this, but gripping, round-the-clock, horrible nausea.

31. Kim has been working round the clock to finish it in time.

32. Centrally controlled air conditioning (round the clock) and heating are also included.

33. Rescuers are working round the clock to find survivors of the blast.

34. Forty police officers are working round the clock to find Murray's killer.

35. Rescue services have been working round the clock to free stranded motorists.

36. Forty police officers are working round the clock trying to find Murray's killer.

37. 6. Embassy of India has set up a round the clock Control Room.

38. Just over a year later, it went to a round-the-clock service.

39. After several sleepless nights, I took some pills and slept round the clock.

40. The God mode can change terrains, product disasters and control round-the-clock.

41. Round the clock news and current affairs Channel with widespread national and international reportage.

42. It is accessed by personal computer and offers a free, round-the-clock service.

43. They worked round the clock, in all weathers, scooping fish from the Newfoundland seas.

44. Doctors and nurses worked round the clock to help those injured in the train crash.

45. Three years ago they worked round the clock to clear several inches of the stuff.

46. On the seventeenth day of the month , he started pulling once more round the clock.

47. You will supervise a staff of five. Round the-clock coverage, two people per shift.

48. Eventually, they say, they want to create the round-the-clock convenience of the suburbs.

49. Its workforce labors round the clock and its inventiveness, energy, and diversity counter provincialism with scorn.

50. Often these patients are difficult to manage, have complicated diagnoses and need round-the-clock supervision.