rounder in English

a person who frequents bars and is often drunk.
(in rounders) a complete run of a player through all the bases as a unit of scoring.
shaped like or approximately like a circle or cylinder.
she was seated at a small, round table
synonyms: circular ring-shaped disk-shapedhoop-shaped spherical spheroidal globular globe-shapedorb-shaped cylindrical bulbous rounded rotund annular discoid

Use "rounder" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "rounder" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rounder", or refer to the context using the word "rounder" in the English Dictionary.

1. Janak is all-rounder.

2. Number 1 all-rounder.

3. He was an all rounder.

4. number 1 all-rounder.

5. All-rounder can't take place of perseverance. It's ubiquitousness that an all-rounder can't achieve succeed.

6. All - rounder cannot take place of perseverance. It's ubiquitousness that an all - rounder cannot achieve succeed.

7. I am all rounder of Amritsar,

8. Women have rounder hips than men.

9. He was an all-rounder.

10. I class myself as an all-rounder.

11. Talent is talent is not all-rounder!

12. CORE GT - The ultimate high performance all-rounder!

13. We rounder to and let go our anchor.

14. all-rounder from the team of Tito - Ortiz.

15. Mhawi is a very good all-rounder.

16. She's the best all - rounder they've seen in years.

17. All-rounder with global reach for millions of listeners.

18. European watermelons are much rounder than the American variety.

19. It is rounder and more pungent than soya sauce.

20. ALL ROUNDER: An individual licensed to judge every breed.

21. Key fobs - the all-rounder made of die-cast metal.

22. "Miss Blythe gave Alf the prize for "Best All-Rounder.

23. An all-rounder for homerecording-beginners or for studio extension.

24. Buy if you want an effective, eco-friendly all-rounder.

25. Overall lots of praise for this all-rounder from Slovenia.

26. He quickly proved his great talent as an all-rounder.

27. A good all rounder with a very distinguished looking bottle.

28. He's a good all - rounder who likes tennis, basket - ball, and swimming.

29. The performance data for Menzi Muck's smallest all-rounder speaks for itself.

30. Thus every member of our team is both all-rounder and specialist.

31. Amritsar all rounder, you'll always remember that you've met with some Veera.

32. This community is in need of more professionals, rather than all - rounder.

33. Enterprises do need to have all - rounder, also need to have expertise.

34. Third, the battlefield is the army's duty to protect " all - rounder . "

35. The built-in flash makes this single use camera a real all-rounder.

36. Even until now nobody can be compared to this all-rounder in basketball.

37. Others are more skeptical and have him ranked as a mid - first rounder.

38. She looked shorter, rounder, her hair gone gray and worn in a bun.

39. That's it! All rounder Tom "Cagedbaby" Gandey's multitrack iphone App is finally out.

40. He is a good all-rounder who likes tennis, cricket, and swimming.

41. Guopu is quite an influential all rounder in the Chinese cultural history.

42. The actor's were made rounder for the part using cotton wool padding.

43. The new CTS has rounder lines and a classier look than the current version.

44. 1936 culminated in Holland winning the British Best All-Rounder (BBAR) time-trial competition.

45. The "all-rounder" among GROB harness frames as well as the "leno-specialist".

46. An all-rounder is a cricketer who regularly performs well at both batting and bowling.

47. Created on a 6000 aluminium Lobular frame, it’s an all-rounder at an irresistible price.

48. Since HOYER Multilog is both an all-rounder and a specialist at the same time.

49. The insertion for retracting PH HD pipes turns the PBA 95it into an all-rounder...

50. The derogatory remark that the rounder handles might strike the bench leg is uncalled for.