rounds in English

a circular piece of a particular substance.
cut the pastry into rounds
an act of visiting each of a number of people or places.
she did the rounds of her family to say goodbye
pass and go around (something) so as to move on in a changed direction.
the ship rounded the cape and sailed north
synonyms: go around travel around skirt circumnavigate orbit

Use "rounds" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "rounds" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rounds", or refer to the context using the word "rounds" in the English Dictionary.

1. Twenty rounds, very reliable.

2. I got two rounds left.

3. Rotation speed 360° in 3.8 seconds Rate of fire: 70 rounds/second (4,200 rounds/minute).

4. Cut the pastry into rounds.

5. Richards fired a few rounds .

6. Then Charlie started firing mortar rounds.

7. The Asia Pacifique preliminary rounds of

8. They had a rate of fire of 5–6 rounds per minute and each gun provided with 275 rounds.

9. Night porter's bound to be doin'his rounds.

10. Feed Mechanism: 20 rounds detachable box mag.

11. Whoever wins two rounds, wins the match.

12. He made two rounds of tuna sandwiches.

13. Just because you won a few rounds!

14. Might even throw in 50 rounds of shells.

15. We only have three rounds of ammunition left.

16. Incoming mortar rounds are exploding all around you.

17. Arrow slit the tank with armor-piercing rounds.

18. Rockets, mortars and artillery rounds rained on buildings.

19. I've only got ten rounds of ammunition left.

20. He bested his opponent in just two rounds.

21. In all, six rounds hit the same house

22. Dr Green was on her daily ward rounds.

23. Slice the red chilli into wafer-thin rounds.

24. 4) The newsboy makes his rounds every morning.

25. 15 Feed Mechanism: 20 rounds detachable box mag.

26. He is silent until 6 rounds have elapsed.

27. Between the guard's rounds, we'd have a masturbation contest.

28. These days milkman don't carry money on their rounds.

29. The man-made satellite rounds the earth every day.

30. Temporal Acceleration. Your time frame accelerates for 2 rounds.

31. An extensive program of accessories rounds off the profile.

32. Lead rounds can maim them if they strike bone.

33. Spread on rounds of toasted rye or walnut bread.

34. 8 The night watchman makes his rounds every hour.

35. Dahl, get your sniper rifle and barium rounds now.

36. This will spark rounds of attack and counterattack ads.

37. I thought you said they weren't doing rounds today.

38. You lovingly reload precision crafted rounds one by one.

39. The basic load was 200 rounds for each infantryman.

40. 4 This story was going the rounds 20 years ago.

41. Another few rounds hit the dirt in front of us.

42. 8 Did you and your mom go the rounds again?

43. The marksman squeezed off successive rounds and every one told.

44. A taekwondo match comprises three rounds lasting three minutes each.

45. One of the tanks was firing beehive rounds point-blank.

46. 2 That story has gone the rounds in our office.

47. Every geek for miles around heard you popping off rounds.

48. Have them take 60 rounds of carbine ammunition per man.

49. 25 Results from the two rounds count towards championship points.

50. He had only seven rounds of ammunition for the revolver.