route in English

a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.
the most direct route is via Los Angeles
send or direct along a specified course.
all lines of communication were routed through Atlanta

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1. Route plotter | |

2. The old route became part of State Route 46.

3. Maps the specified URL route and sets default route values.

4. Interstate 15 was constructed along the route of U.S. Route 91.

5. A0700 Advisory route Air route over which an advisory forecast applies.

6. Checking the route.

7. Alternate access route

8. ▪ Magazine route

9. a parade route?

10. He wears Route 66 suspenders and a big Route 66 belt buckle.

11. I can't re-route if I don't know which to re-route.

12. Maps the specified URL route and sets default route values and namespaces.

13. Instead of taking the direct route, we will come around the scenic route.

14. In this paper route planning, route leading, and map matchingarithmetic are briefly introduced.

15. changes in route alignment;

16. Cisco-Route Switch Processor

17. 5 He wears Route 66 suspenders and a big Route 66 belt buckle.

18. Alternatively rappel your route.

19. Take Ba Hom route.

20. Package is en route.

21. TACAN route: An air route which uses TACAN Navigation for air traffic services.

22. Suggest you re-route.

23. The oxidative-nitration route and the chlorination-nitration route were developed by USA. The chlorination-nitration route is suitable for large scale production.

24. 10) Route numbers on a green background show the direction to a primary route.

25. The route has been cut off, the sea route actually is unimpeded is unimpeded.

26. A static route is a route that is created manually by a network administrator, unless the administrator interferes, the static route won't be changed.

27. To reduce the number of static route entries , define a summarized or default static route.

28. UNMEE proposed an air route.

29. There is no Railway route.

30. Route the gift for delivery.

31. The entire length of Alewife Brook Parkway is designated as part of Massachusetts Route 16 (Route 16), while the southernmost sections are also designated as part of Route 2 and U.S. Route 3 (US 3).

32. John, NYPD is on route.

33. Good route planning algorithm package.


35. Area navigation route: An air route which uses Area Navigation (RNAV) for air traffic services.

36. Conclusion: The retroperitoneal route is better than transperitoneal route for laparoscopic adrenalectomy in our experience.

37. Kaplan, find an alternate route.

38. Your father approved this route.

39. Flags lined the processional route.

40. Default route handling is disabled.

41. I re-route phone call.

42. Deadshot en route to package.

43. One route is financial contagion.

44. The selection of the hazmat transportation route is based on the risk evaluation of the route.

45. The main roads are Route 13, the most important road in the country, and Route 11.

46. Now mostly abandoned, Route 66 was the primary route between Chicago and Los Angeles in the mid-twentieth century, a route especially popular with Dust Bowl migrants.

47. Route or part of route on gross - cost or net - cost contract, procured through open competitive tender.

48. • Alternative Route to Certification (ARC) Information

49. Let's take the devious route home.

50. Let's take the scenic route home.