routers in English

a power tool with a shaped cutter, used in carpentry for making grooves for joints, decorative moldings, etc..
He needs a variety of power tools, drills, routers , circular saws, jigsaws and packets of blades.
a device that forwards data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network.
By sending malformed control messages a cracker could cause devices such as VoIP routers running the vulnerable software to reload.

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1. Wireline routers

2. ADSL routers

3. Wrenches and routers

4. Power grinders, angle grinders, routers

5. Said network (N) comprises a plurality of routers (R) coupled via network links (L) to adjacent routers (R).

6. Computer network adapters, server adapters, switches, routers and hubs

7. Application: Wood-working machines(Routers), Four-side moulder, Spindle shaper.

8. Study of the difference between three-ply switches and routers.

9. Toy power grinders, toy angle grinders, toy routers, toy electric screwdrivers

10. Conventional switches, routers and wireless access points can also be used.

11. Modem cards, wireless routers, access points and switching controls for wireless networks

12. ASCOM , Power Line Modem and Routers, power line communications based broadband networking.

13. Routers are queried for active IP/MAC addresses of end-devices.

14. Qualifies POS routers during development, quality assurance, and final regression testing.

15. Network protocol used to control network switches, routers and wireless access points

16. Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts.

17. EIGRP is a dynamic routing protocol by which routers automatically share route information.

18. ISL has been available on Cisco routers since Cisco IOS Software Release 11.1.

19. Cisco has added an HTTP server to its operating system for Cisco routers.

20. The redirect type determines how routers and browsers store your web forwarding information.

21. The current routers or the exchangers offer gigabit Ethernet interface including multiple ports.

22. In this configuration, the 6 bits are usable by routers on the alternative route.

23. Unified communication systems including phones, analogue terminal adapters, wireless routers and telecommunication accessories

24. Computer networking devices, namely, network interface controllers, routers, hubs, bridges, switches and repeaters

25. Data routers for computer networks used in the fields of security and access control

26. Install multiple intrusion - detection systems and multiple routers for incoming traffic to reduce choke points.

27. Such routers require not only an IPv6 address for use in communicating with upstream routers, but also an IPv6 prefix for use in configuring devices on the downstream side of the router.

28. These connect networks at the link layer , while routers connect networks at the network layer.

29. Equipment such as hardware routers, switches, blank CDs, and fax machines were also seized.

30. Cutting tools,Especially drills, Routers, Reamers, Saws, Grinding wheels,Thread cutting plates, screw stock, Rasps

31. Modern high-speed routers and precision bearing have allowed considerable improvements in speed, accuracy and versatility.

32. How many twisted pairs of wires are typically used in a leased line between two routers?

33. Apparatus and parts for analog and digital communication, including wireless communication, including data cables and routers

34. This test shows the route the packets take and helps identify the network routers experiencing delays.

35. Taking aim at the packet mis-sequencing problem of the packet scheduling algorithm in terabit routers.

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37. (For information about each type of hardware, see How do hubs, switches, routers, and access points differ?

38. With the advent of IPv 6 , testing of IPv 6 routers has redrawn attentions of the network community.

39. Computer peripheral equipment for providing access to the Internet, namely, computer network adapters, switches, routers, hubs and modems

40. The integrated fibre optic (F/O) interfaces allow simple connections to networking (LAN) routers, bridges, switches etc.

41. We've got about 25 people, navigators, managers, boat crew, weather routers, medical people, shark experts, you name it.

42. Telecommunications and information networks, KVM switches, Cables, Power suppliers, Continuity units, Network products, Firewall, Routers, Repeaters, Access points

43. Bridges and switches provide segmentation within a single network or subnetwork. Routers provide connectivity between networks and subnetworks .

44. The mobile unit is made up of several business groups, including mobile handsets, data cards for laptops, and routers.

45. EIGRP routers send unicast update packets to that new neighbor so that it can add to its topology table.

46. Routers take incoming traffic from the Internet and route the traffic to the correct system inside the network.

47. There are routers, switches, multiplexers, amplifiers and dozens of elements that handle bandwidth from the backbone to end-user.

48. Today routers support at least one interior gateway protocol to advertise their routing tables within a local area network.

49. 40 monitors, 30 laptops, 6 network printers, 1 plotter, 10 network switches, 4 network routers and 50 Thin Clients

50. AlterNet service also sells a full range of equipment used for the Internet connections: modems, routers, and terminal servers.