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1. Synchronized swimming includes the technical routines and free routines.

2. You can run SQL data manipulation statements and routines through grid routines.

3. Establish and Maintain Routines

4. TI's 2818 Fast Fourier Transform routines.

5. Routines for prevention, detection and remedial action

6. I followed routines and simple homely menus.

7. Substituting software routines from alternative libraries

8. Routines are reassuring to a child.

9. Organizational defensive routines One of the most powerful ways people deal with potential embarrassment is to create organisational defensive routines.

10. Software routines stored in read-only memory (ROM).

11. There were some fabulous, beautifully choreographed dance routines.

12. Be positive and determined,[ ] and establish disciplined routines.

13. They learn delivery schedules, work routines and product lines.

14. " We do routines and chorus scenes With footwork impeccable

15. All too often they become enmeshed in deadening routines.

16. 2 Software routines stored in read-only memory (ROM).

17. 6 All too often they become enmeshed in deadening routines.

18. This will use Intel's generic routines for AGP support.

19. Kinison was known for his screaming, foul-mouthed comic routines.

20. Computer software for assessing pedometer information and devising exercise routines

21. The program contains nine gentle exercise routines set to music.

22. Datastorm also has dramatically improved the Procomm installation and setup routines.

23. These activities can be incorporated into learner's daily routines and tasks.

24. Starting today on training routines, we'll concertrate on an attack strategy.

25. These could be based on the routines for revising the national accounts

26. The processor receives the advanced digital signal processing routines and the electrical spectral data, and applies the advanced digital signal processing routines to the electrical spectral data.

27. The sub-routines of the BELL system are converted into ALGOL procedures.

28. Implement routines in the Metrology Lab , including identification and management of equipment.

29. Keeping healthy routines is said to be an effective tool for managing grief.

30. 2 Brisk neon routines jolly the cityscape, like the desk-toys of businessmen.

31. You should raise a rumpus about the lack of safety routines here.

32. They involve the same exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising routines as facials.

33. The story begins with Tetsuya Ishigami and Yasuko Hanaoka following their daily routines.

34. The rhythmic clapping convinced him they were dancing, probably teaching each other routines.

35. Console screens in Unix-like systems are usually accessed using (n)curses library routines.

36. Establishing routines for often-repeated class activities brings a sense of order and purpose.

37. We'll be looking at vocabulary and collocations related to office duties and daily routines.

38. Rituals and Cults Childbirth classes; procedures and routines of maternity hospitals and midwifery.

39. I have friends who, I suspect, secretly scoff at my mild work-out routines.

40. They are the specialists who are disenchanted with the simulated thrills of performing circus routines.

41. The code is self-explanatory, and you don't need to know any system-specific routines.

42. It takes the cyberpunk circus routines of Archaos and gives then a high-tech edge.

43. Moreover, students’ collaboration is essential for the establishment of action routines in the classroom.

44. Weaknesses in monitoring and reporting mechanisms and routines compound problems of accountability within entities.

45. She describes her daily routines the number of hours spent regenerating, that sort of thing.

46. Routines detailed in this step-by-step guide can be used with Windows 0 or

47. NEMA communication protocol based on serial communication routines, and they hope to have everyone help!

48. The film includes a series of dance routines performed by Jackson and his "family" of ghouls.

49. The routines in Table 4-2 convert longs and shorts between host and network byte order.

50. No experience is necessary and all dance routines will be taught by the club's choreographer.