routing in English

send or direct along a specified course.
all lines of communication were routed through Atlanta

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1. Each router maintaining a routing table, and regularly with its neighbor routers exchange routing information, according to the smallest vector routing update their routing table.

2. Compared grid routing and gridless routing, an efficient and fast gridless line-search routing algorithm - target-oriented line search routing method for automatic circuit layout - is proposed.

3. Zone Routing Protocol in MANET consists of IntrAzone and IntErzone routing.

4. Zone Routing Protocol MANET consists of IntrAzone and IntErzone routing.

5. This section contains details about remote routing groups and is used to link remote routing groups to a routing group connector or an SMTP connector that contains connected routing groups.

6. ASTR combines the merits of proactive routing protocol and on-demand routing protocol because subarea tree has the function of routing selection.

7. This paper depicts an adaptive routing algorithms by initializing or maintaining routing table dynamically.

8. In the view of network structure, the subarea routing strategy is a hierarchical routing protocol.

9. Adaptive routing of network traffic

10. 28) The optimal model introduces an important theory analysis, which is very useful for routing update mechanism and routing scalability in proactive ad hoc routing protocol.

11. In particular, characteristic routing creates an efficient routing table index using bit vectors and compression techniques.

12. We proposed an inter-domain routing simulation model based on cellular automaton model to study the collective routing behavior of the inter-domain routing system.

13. It can simulate the procedures of routing table generation and packets routing in LEO satellite networks.

14. In the case of two-layer gate array, pin assignment influences routing result after glo bal routing.

15. The paper analyzes the particularity of power dispatch data network routing. Basing on description of the routing technology, the routing selection plan of A'kesu data network is given.

16. Summarization help reduce routing - table size.

17. 22 Through improving AODV routing protocol, proposed an energy efficient routing protocol based on AODV ( EE - AODV ).

18. Multicast routing in ad-hoc networks

19. Deletes a route from the routing table.

20. Other IP Multicast protocols rely on certain routing protocols, such as Routing Information Protocol or Open Shortest Path First.

21. A new routing table is given, adaptive routing algorithm based on particle swarm optimization( PSORA ) is designed and realized.

22. Network routing adaptation based on failure prediction

23. She was routing among the old newspapers.

24. 2000/05/12 - Order 2000-394 The Commission approves rates for call routing – Local routing number absent service.

25. If there’s a conflict with legacy routing controls, any routing settings described here will override any legacy settings.

26. Method for adaptive routing in hierarchical networks

27. Addressing and routing in mobile ad hoc networks

28. Fatal Error:Could not add interface to routing database.

29. At last, routing table updating algorithm is presented.

30. It verifies the routing algorithm by simulation experiment.

31. To meet global storage system's requirement for high performance, high reliability routing, the adaptive routing algorithm are discussed in the thesis.

32. We analyse three routing examples and describe the development of the necessary and sufficient conditions for wormhole deadlock free routing.

33. These messages are not considered a routing protocol, as they do not determine a routing path, just the presence of possible gateways.

34. Routing of mems variable capacitors for rf applications

35. (b) Group II activities: AAD electronic routing system:

36. OSPF has become a popular dynamic routing protocol.

37. The day ' s routing was well packed with lessons .

38. Communication system, communication terminal, routing control method, and router.

39. Alternate down paths for directed acyclic graph (dag) routing

40. JBI works on the idea of normalized message routing.

41. Telecommunication network with variable address learning, switching and routing

42. Provided are a routing apparatus and session control method.

43. Otherwise the routing strategy depends on the caller's destination.

44. Suppose each node has an independent failure probability, we derive the probability that our routing algorithm successfully return a fault-free routing path.

45. Automated call routing based on an active presence profile

46. Systems and methods for routing packets on alternate paths

47. If so, then the route control devices determine a routing mode (310), such as tunneling or address translation, and routing parameters (312).

48. Tip: For devices with routing keys, use routing keys to tap the item under the finger or move the caret when editing text.

49. The submitter has recalled the following document from routing.

50. This event uses the direct event handling routing strategy.