roux in English

a mixture of fat (especially butter) and flour used in making sauces.
His recipe has you make a roux of five tablespoons each flour and butter, to which you add one and one-half cups stock.

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1. Roux ain't so good with the talky-talky.

2. Add mixture slowly to roux, stirring constantly.

3. Making my first gumbo roux was a spiritual event.

4. 1 Making my first gumbo roux was a spiritual event.

5. They are preferable to many sauces traditionally thickened with roux or other starches.

6. Braun anastomosis or Roux - en - Y anastomosis is usually the remedy of cure.

7. Cook the roux paste for a few seconds, then gradually add the milk.

8. Stir in the flour to make a roux and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often.

9. I turned down the offer at first because I'd never made a roux sauce.

10. They realised that dragging Ollie le Roux was like trying to shift a house.

11. This is a fairly limited market due to the Roux du Valais's low population numbers.

12. In 1901, he founded the first antituberculosis dispensary at Lille, and named it after Emile Roux.

13. Rhinolophus sinicus has been elevated to a new species from subspecies of Rinolophus roux i.

14. Stir milk slowly into the roux bringing to a simmer, stirring constantly, 8 to 10 minutes.

15. Roux: I should probably warn ya: you make friends with us make enemies with everyone else.

16. Primary lethality was 8.3 %. Suture insufficiency occurred in 2.7 % of Graham and in 18.2 % of Roux anastomosis.

17. His first collaboration began when he was invited to invest in an upmarket Roux Brothers establishment.

18. Her seat was next to her friend Dr Roux, who had been Pasteur's most devoted disciple.

19. 26 Rhinolophus sinicus has been elevated to a new species from subspecies of Rinolophus roux i.

20. Following the season, Roux retired as manager of Auxerre after managing the club for 44 straight seasons.

21. The researchers then transferred gut microbiota from the Roux-en-Y mice to microbe-free obese mice.

22. Take left at alee of cedars, pass Maine Roux, and continue on rural dirt road for another 1.5 km.

23. A proximal hepaticojejunostomy with a Roux-en Y loop reconstruction was performed and the patient was discharged after three weeks.

24. The total choledochal cyst excision, with Roux -en-Y hepaticojejunostomy is effective in the treatment of congenital choledochal cyst.

25. A former merchant banker, Le Roux knew little about motorbikes; he didn't even have a license to drive one.

26. The total choledochal cyst excision,(Sentence dictionary) with Roux -en-Y hepaticojejunostomy is effective in the treatment of congenital choledochal cyst.

27. All four patients with complete bile duct transection were treated with a proximal hepaticojejunostomy with Roux-en-Y jejunal loop.

28. At the alee of cedars take a right, pass the Maine Roux, and follow rural dirt road for another 1.5 km (9/10 mile).

29. Dressed in a green felt trilby, white winkle pickers, drainpipe jeans, and a black-and-white jacket with shoulder pads, La Roux cuts a striking figure.

30. "Duch wishes to ask forgiveness from the victims and the Cambodian people, " Francois Roux told reporters at the specially built court outside the Cambodian capital. "He will do so publicly.

31. The 1984 European Championship main tournament was a short experience for Simonsen, as he broke his leg in a challenge by Yvon Le Roux in Denmark's first match against France.

32. Mr. Davidson was a tech banker, while Mr. Roux worked as a tech industry executive. Mr. Hutchins, a career private-equity executive, also is a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

33. Our preliminary data suggest a slight superiority of aboral pouch over simple Roux-en-Y, according to most of the measured parameters, resulting in significant differences in immunglobulin-M level, serum cholesterol level, lipid absorption and quality of life.

34. In 88 (47%) motility disorders were observed, which had to be treated in 51 (27%) with procinetic agents. 10 (5.3%) are in evaluation for change of strategy, 4 have already had a laparoscopic Roux-Y-bypass with good results.

35. In cases of widespread adenomas of the ampulla of Vater, duodenum-preserving resection by interposition of a jejunal limb with reinsertion of the ampulla into the posterior wall may be used as an alternative to Roux-Y reconstruction and to Whipple's procedure.

36. Reconstruction of the intrahepatic biliary tree in all patients was carried out by mucosa-to-mucosa intrahepatic cholangiojejunostomies between segmental hepatic ducts and a Roux-Y jejunal loop with only temporary use of anastomotic tubes. 5 patients died, 2 group-A patients (2/27) and 3 of the 18 group-B patients.

37. Then, honourable senators, came the more complicated problem alluded to by Senators Wood, Pitfield, Bolduc, Lavoie-Roux and Kirby and Lynch-Staunton, namely, how to determine whether or not, as defenders of the Constitution, we in the Senate could satisfy ourselves that there was a majority of the so-called "minorities" affected by any proposed diminution of their rights or privileges

38. Mr. Le Roux (South Africa), introducing draft resolutions # and # on behalf of the Group of # and China, emphasized the importance of full implementation of the Brussels Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade # especially the seven commitments contained therein, as well as of full and timely implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action, in making a start on lifting millions of people out of abject poverty and hunger