scoop in English

a utensil resembling a spoon, with a long handle and a deep bowl, used for removing powdered, granulated, or semisolid substances (such as ice cream) from a container.
An alterative method is to record the number of feed containers (weigh scoops , coffee cans, etc.) used to feed the sows over a period of several days and determine the average amount consumed per day.
synonyms: spoon ladle dipper bailer
a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals.
A scoop by the tabloid newspaper announced that he had sent him to visit a rehab clinic to observe the dangers of drug use.
synonyms: exclusive (story)inside storyexposé revelation information
pick up and move (something) with a scoop.
Philip began to scoop grain into his bag
publish a news story before (a rival reporter, newspaper, or radio or television station).
You'd dial the number, then keep the line open while you encouraged the whole of the web to blitz it, thus scooping all of your rivals.

Use "scoop" in a sentence

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1. Adustable measuring scoop

2. She also guest presented Scoop on Scoop on Urban TV in 2018.

3. Scoop neck. Sleeveless. Formfitting.

4. Scoop out the pumpkin's stringy fibres.

5. Scoop out the melon flesh.

6. And scoop out his brains!

7. Then I got a scoop.

8. Gently scoop out potato, leaving skins intact.

9. Scoop off fat from pan juices.

10. Charlie loved to scoop the competition.

11. Scoop out ice - cream with spoon.

12. Scoop flesh from potatoes into a food processor.

13. Halve the melon and scoop out the pulp.

14. Scoop out the rotten part of the apple.

15. And they scoop up captives like sand.

16. First, scoop a hole in the soil.

17. I guess she thinks you're a scoop.

18. CNN recognized its opportunity for a scoop.

19. I suppose they might represent a considerable academic scoop.

20. Just one scoop of mashed potato for me, please.

21. Croatia : a big scoop of ice-cream .

22. Halve the pineapple and scoop out the inside.

23. She watched Victorine and Baptiste scoop it up.

24. May I have a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

25. CNN quickly recognised the opportunity for a scoop.

26. He began to scoop his things up frantically.

27. Use both hands to scoop up the leaves.

28. Scoop out the rotten part of the pear.

29. Cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh.

30. I was too far gone to get the scoop.

31. Do you want your scoop in a waffle cup?

32. Save her from self-immolation, and scoop the Planet.

33. Cut the tomato in half and scoop out flesh.

34. She gave him an extra scoop of clotted cream.

35. Prying off the plastic lid, she took out a small scoop.

36. Scoop out the pulp and serve it with sugar.

37. Scoop Chang, New New York Times online podcast blog comments editor.

38. Cut in half lengthways, scoop out the flesh and reserve it.

39. Could I have a scoop of vanilla ice cream on my pie?

40. Two scoops of ice cream in a one scoop cone.

41. Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the seeds.

42. Take turkey baster, cheese wheel covered in cheesecloth and scoop.

43. Scoop the blanket weed out and use it to line hanging baskets.

44. Fearing a scoop, Darwin's colleagues arranged a public presentation crediting both men.

45. Now, scoop up Long's Peak, and put it out in space.

46. All the newspapers really want to do is scoop the opposition.

47. You scoop up too and the rice spills on the tray.

48. To eat, remove the lid and scoop out the flesh, leaving the skin.

49. Cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh.

50. You can scoop up more food from the bottom of a pot of soup.