seed plant in English

plant which produces seeds

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1. The seed is the seed plant - specific organs.

2. In 1984, we investigated wild seed plant in Zuoquan County.

3. The tropical and sub- tropical taxa are predominant, taking up 75% of seed plant flora.

4. Pollen is the male - gamete of seed plant, which plays an important role in sexual reproduction.

5. Gymnosperm A general term for any seed plant except the angiosperms, characterized by bearing naked seeds.

6. A new stock "Qianggenguazhen" was selected, the yield increased 33.6% in grafted plants than the seed plant.

7. The result is objectively reflected status of seed plant diversity in flood plain of the Fen River.

8. Approximately 963 seed plant species, classified into 59 families and 303 genera, are in the Pamirs region of China.

9. Most of them are distributed in the temperate zone in terms of the geographic composition of seed plant genera.

10. The parasitic biological characteristics and artificial propagation of Cynomorium songaricum which is a holoparasitic seed plant were studied in the paper.

11. Some palaeobotanists also included seed plant groups with entire leaves such as the Glossopteridales and Gigantopteridales, which was stretching the concept.

12. Manage and control production fields for the best quality from searching for field area to harvesting and delivery to Seed Plant.

13. The diversity of seed plants was threatened because of the development of travel. The conservation of the seed plant should be strengthen.

14. Both the main composition of the seed plant species and forest-vegetative formation and distribution of the vegetation of Dabashan Nature Reserve display characteristics of regional transition.

15. Main Ingredients: Nano Color-care factor, BIO dual protein, pearl hair-brightening essence, provitamin B5, tea seed plant extract, HA moisturizing factor, and essence of special flavor, etc.