sexual connotation in English

hidden sexual meaning, sexual overtone

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1. What are the concept of tripartite mechanism and connotation?

2. This is also lateral economic ties reform real connotation.

3. Colleges must have strategic transference to persist connotation development.

4. For most people "motherhood" has a very positive connotation.

5. Sex education and sexual knowledge increases sexual activity.

6. All these words have a meliorative connotation: "good, beautiful, perfect".

7. What is the nature and connotation of the balanced development?

8. The connotation of "obscurantism" is concerned with knowledge and emotion.

9. Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse constitute serious misconduct.

10. The most common sexual disorder was orgasmic disorder, and the others in order was sexual pain, sexual arousal disorder, and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

11. 12 Colleges must have strategic transference to persist connotation development.

12. To be specific, significant correlation was found between sexual attitude and sexual morality conflict, and between sexual experience and sexual morality conflict.

13. The sexual love before marriage is unhallowed perhaps, however of sexual love delighted always agree with sexual excitement.

14. And so it acquired its contemporary, pejorative connotation of idle chatter.

15. The different gradations of industrial structure sophistication have different definitional connotation.

16. 20) Inhibited sexual desire is the as decline in sexual response.

17. Results Decrease in sexual fantasy and sexual desire, letdown of sexual climax and decrease in the rate of sexual intercourse were observed in 91 male addicts.

18. 6 The concept and the connotation of spacesuit ergonomics are spicified.

19. Chinese idioms; English idioms; translation; culture connotation; original language; target language.

20. Chapter Two and Three interpret the novel Oryx and Crake from the two aspects of the connotation of environmental apocalypticism, excavating the connotation of environmental apocalypticism in it.

21. Sexual Mores Adrift

22. They define sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature.

23. It is the context which infuses any word with powerful connotation.

24. Hyponymy in semantics is related to denotation and connotation in logics.

25. The connotation of the tendentiousness of news is a widely controversial issue.