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appealing in a sexual manne

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "sexually attractive" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "sexually attractive", or refer to the context using the word "sexually attractive" in the English Dictionary.

1. She finds him sexually attractive.

2. I no longer found her sexually attractive.

3. What is a display of to be sexually attractive?

4. And when I say "attractive" I mean sexually attractive.

5. I think people do underestimate what is sexually attractive.

6. It's enough for me that my husband thinks I'm sexually attractive.

7. What is it they make a display of to be sexually attractive?

8. Men everywhere find young, fertile women to be the most sexually attractive.

9. We look sexually attractive when we smoothing our hair or clothing, setting the straight.

10. Conversely slowing down a blink can be sexually attractive as it mimics a wink.

11. I hope to see armpit hair, men with shaven armpits are not sexually attractive to me.

12. They are about the need for social acceptance and, frequently, about the need to be sexually attractive.

13. Women find happy men significantly less sexually attractive than those who swagger or brood, researchers said today.

14. Flo was one of the most sexually attractive female chimps in a troop studied by Jane Goodall.

15. To some extent it's harder to fake the intelligence and moral virtues like kindness that are sexually attractive.

16. These things can transform an average-looking man into a sexually attractive man in the minds of many women.

17. University of California sociologists who surveyed 563 parents found that when dads did more housework, their wives found them more sexually attractive.

18. As they anyway stay sexually attractive until an advanced age, it doesn't make much of a difference whether they are 22 or

19. Admiring another woman's looks could have an underlying meaning, because according to recent research, 60 per cent of heterosexual women find other women sexually attractive.

20. The other thing to note about what women find sexually attractive centers on cues that convey personality, sense of humor, self-confidence and social status.

21. While the academic community are obsessed with who finds who sexually attractive and why, the concept of not finding anybody attractive seems to have passed most scientists by.

22. Women find happy men less sexually attractive than those with expressions that show pride or hint that they have done wrong and know it, according to Canadian researchers.

23. Here's what my wife said when she found out she was going up against Angelina Jolie: "If you don't find Angelina more sexually attractive, there's something wrong with you."

24. "In real life for the most part we make judgements about how sexually attractive someone is in person and a lot goes on in addition to how they look, " Tracy said.

25. "So to the extent that men think that smiling is a good thing to do if they want to be found sexually attractive our findings suggest that's not the case," Tracy said.

26. In an interview with Reuters, Tracy said: "To the extent that men think that smiling is a good thing to do if they want to be found sexually attractive our findings suggest that's not the case."