sexually promiscuous woman in English

woman who engages in frequent and wanton sexual behavio

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1. Some have attempted suicide; others have abused drugs or been sexually promiscuous.

2. Those who are sexually promiscuous also face major health risks, both physical and mental.

3. In a secondary school in Nigeria, a sexually promiscuous girl used to advise her fellow students about sex.

4. (Galatians 6:7, 8) Thus, a promiscuous life-style may lead to emotional distress, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

5. They become promiscuous.

6. Promiscuous men are rarely criticized as severely as promiscuous women.

7. “Shame on any man or woman who would sexually abuse a child.

8. One woman claimed that she had been sexually harassed by a male manager.

9. A woman reporter complained one of them sexually harassed her in the locker room.

10. Gunman assaults woman after terror drive POLICE appealed yesterday for witnesses after a woman was kidnapped at gunpoint and sexually assaulted.

11. But it's just my promiscuous luck.

12. Just over two weeks ago a 27 year old woman was sexually assaulted in an alleyway.

13. You know the risks of promiscuous sex.

14. Pack out really is worse than promiscuous.

15. A woman should begin having Pap smears as soon as she is sexually active, Thompson said.

16. Alec know that she was promiscuous and superficial.

17. She is perceived as vain, spoilt and promiscuous.

18. The promiscuous princess quickly becomes a pawn.

19. They were gaudy and sexually suggestive and each tailored to the individual characteristics of the woman to be wed.

20. What, then, does promiscuous sexual intercourse really mean?

21. Can protect both partners against some sexually transmitted diseases and may protect the woman against cancer of the cervix.

22. They will be promiscuous,* but they will not increase,+

23. Don't mistakenly think that all art students are promiscuous.

24. I suppose I was quite promiscuous in my youth.

25. 20 What, then, does promiscuous sexual intercourse really mean?