shade|shaded|shades|shading in English



cast a shadow upon; dim, darken; screen, hide from view; protect from light; cover with a shade; add shading to; change gradually, change in small degrees

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1. Four Hosta plants have typically shade anatomical structure, the influence of shading to leaf thickness differed in cultivars, leaf was thickest in 30% shading .

2. Lens shades and lens shade adapters for use with rifle scopes and spotting scopes

3. Sun-shades can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these.

4. The effect of the light and shade produces many shades of green which van Gogh paints in short brushstrokes across the canvas.

5. And the scrotal shading.

6. Angle-adjustable shading system

7. First of all, it's shading.

8. Watch the shades.

9. And the, uh, scrotal shading, it's...

10. To sex of shading cloth shading differentiate, have a very simple method, illuminate shading cloth to lamplight namely, the penetrable degree be clear at a glance of its light.

11. Installed on frames, Insect Screen can replace glass house shade for better effect, if plants are sensitive to light or unadaptable to high temperature and then need more shading.

12. Counties with low population density have sparse shading while counties with high population density have dark shading.

13. Her eyes flashed a shading glance.

14. It prefers moist and shaded places.

15. Sunglasses - a monolens with peripheral shading

16. [ Stokes ] What's wrong, Shades?

17. 10 His impatience shaded into anger.

18. I like your shades.

19. His impatience shaded into anger.

20. Bedford felt his impatience shading into anger.

21. This plant prefers a lightly shaded position.

22. 23 Shaded areas indicate negative temperature difference.

23. She shaded her eyes against the sun.

24. Moderate shade can protect shade endurance plants from photooxidation injury.

25. Slowly the wonder faded, shading into puzzlement.