shade|shades in English



shadow; area protected from direct sunlight; tint, variation of a color; nuance, touch; window shade, device used to regulate the amount of sunlight entering through a window; lampshade, device which covers a lamp to reduce glare; spirit, ghost

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1. Lens shades and lens shade adapters for use with rifle scopes and spotting scopes

2. The effect of the light and shade produces many shades of green which van Gogh paints in short brushstrokes across the canvas.

3. Watch the shades.

4. [ Stokes ] What's wrong, Shades?

5. I like your shades.

6. Moderate shade can protect shade endurance plants from photooxidation injury.

7. Hey, those are my shades.

8. Lighter shades suit you best.

9. An awning shades the porch.

10. Pull down the shades.

11. I make the shades myself.

12. A memorable shade.

13. The wonderful collocation of shade head and shade body, massiness and easy.

14. These two shades do not agree.

15. Acoustic window shade

16. The walls were painted in pastel shades.

17. This hair colouring comes in several shades.

18. The room was decorated in pastel shades.

19. Deep red ruby colour with purple shades.

20. All shades of red, sable and brindle .

21. Dark shades bring edginess to summer dressing.

22. His naturalism shades over to obscure fantasy.

23. Subtle shades continue to be in vogue.

24. Lips and Gums -- Pinkish flesh shades .

25. Later, a symposium on lipstick shades.