shades in English


(Slang) sunglasses

Use "shades" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "shades" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shades", or refer to the context using the word "shades" in the English Dictionary.

1. Watch the shades.

2. [ Stokes ] What's wrong, Shades?

3. I like your shades.

4. Hey, those are my shades.

5. Lighter shades suit you best.

6. An awning shades the porch.

7. Pull down the shades.

8. I make the shades myself.

9. These two shades do not agree.

10. The walls were painted in pastel shades.

11. This hair colouring comes in several shades.

12. The room was decorated in pastel shades.

13. Deep red ruby colour with purple shades.

14. All shades of red, sable and brindle .

15. Dark shades bring edginess to summer dressing.

16. His naturalism shades over to obscure fantasy.

17. Subtle shades continue to be in vogue.

18. Lips and Gums -- Pinkish flesh shades .

19. Later, a symposium on lipstick shades.

20. A big hat shades the eyes.

21. The pickpocket himself wore dark shades.

22. Spectacles, sunglasses, eye glasses, eye shades and eyewear

23. Towels in warm shades can soften the room.

24. This wool is available in 18 stunning shades.

25. Shades of the christening party in Sleeping Beauty.

26. She was dressed in muted shades of blue.

27. The rooms were decorated in delicate pastel shades.

28. Cool pastel shades are just right for summer.

29. The houses were painted various shades of rose.

30. He appears in both dark and lighter shades.

31. The word can have many shades of meaning.

32. The lamps all had matching purple shades.

33. She was wearing a black leather jacket and shades.

34. 4 Shades of the christening party in Sleeping Beauty.

35. The lake sparkled with shades of blue and silver.

36. 13 She was dressed in muted shades of blue.

37. We went for the mid-tones and pastel shades.

38. No problem. Subtle shades continue to be in vogue.

39. The sea glistened in shades of blue and emerald.

40. The walls were painted in two shades of green.

41. There are several shades of meaning in that sentence.

42. The varnish comes in six natural wood shades.

43. Short, smooth and sleek, solid color, in shades of mouse-gray to silver-gray, usually blending to lighter shades on the head and ears.

44. Electric and fluorescent lighting, lustres, light shades, fairy lamps, luminaries

45. All shades of mauve, lilac, lavender and purple were fashionable.

46. Window treatments made of textile, curtains, draperies, valances, fabric shades

47. They are hoping to satisfy all shades of public opinion.

48. Colour the remaining fondant icing three different shades of green.

49. 4) Shades of the christening party in Sleeping Beauty.

50. Nancy left the shades down and the lights off.