shading|shadings in English


['shad·ing || 'ʃeɪdɪŋ]

nuance, slight variation; markings used in a drawing to represent varying degrees of light and darkness

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1. He didn't understand the subtle shadings of legal language.

2. And the scrotal shading.

3. Angle-adjustable shading system

4. First of all, it's shading.

5. And the, uh, scrotal shading, it's...

6. To sex of shading cloth shading differentiate, have a very simple method, illuminate shading cloth to lamplight namely, the penetrable degree be clear at a glance of its light.

7. Counties with low population density have sparse shading while counties with high population density have dark shading.

8. Her eyes flashed a shading glance.

9. Sunglasses - a monolens with peripheral shading

10. Bedford felt his impatience shading into anger.

11. Slowly the wonder faded, shading into puzzlement.

12. Shading her eyes, Anita scanned the horizon.

13. This file includes the Cobblestone shading network.

14. National xenophobia shading into racism is almost universal.

15. Through the use of clear, slow-drying oil paints, Giovanni created deep, rich tints and detailed shadings.

16. Finley was shading the lefty spray hitter toward left.

17. Fine lines and shading are not our cultural forte.

18. The leaves now are shading into red and yellow.

19. Four Hosta plants have typically shade anatomical structure, the influence of shading to leaf thickness differed in cultivars, leaf was thickest in 30% shading .

20. Slight shading showed no significant effect on seedling biomass accumulation of aboveground parts, small-seeded cultivar had higher photosynthetic rate under severe shading condition.

21. Shading denotes where the ozone column is under 240DU.

22. Seen from afar the dog seems to be unicolour and may have lighter shadings at the limbs.

23. The color shading estimation method may separate out the color shading component from the actual image content by its unique characteristic in the gradient domain.

24. The shading that occupies reportorial palate, gum is likely canceration .

25. Shading can block up to 90 percent of this heat.